The new specialty Reese's cups are perfect for the nuanced Reese's palate

The new specialty Reese's cups are perfect for the nuanced Reese's palateThe only good news is candy news, so it's wonderful that two new Reese's cups will hit shelves soon.Chocolate Lovers and Peanut Butter Lovers cups, which will be available beginning mid-April of this year, cater to those who crave slightly more chocolate or slightly more peanut butter from their Reese's experience. They're not shaped differently than a standard cup — we have seasonal Reese's for that — but they are fun little variations on an already good candy.Let's break them down: Chocolate LoversImage: Reese'sI have never sought out a Reese's cup for the chocolate. It's the peanut butter that sets the candy apart. So I was not particularly excited for the " thicker chocolate shell," which I felt would further ruin the chocolate-peanut butter ratio, nor the "richer, darker milk chocolate."Luckily, I did not notice a big difference between the Chocolate Lovers and a standard Reese's cup. If you're really looking for it, you can see that the ridges on the Chocolate Lovers are slightly thicker, but I can't imagine that anyone unaware they were eating a speciality cup would be able to tell. At the end of my final bite, I did notice a bit more chocolate taste lingering than usual — but if I hadn't noticed a large label reading "CHOCOLATE LOVERS," I'm not sure that I would have.SEE ALSO: Making gourmet Reese's Peanut Butter Cups is harder than you thinkFans of seasonal Reese's like the Egg, the Pumpkin, and the Christmas Tree will perhaps prefer Peanut Butter Lovers to Chocolate Lovers — there's simply not enough peanut butter in the latter to satisfy them. But if all you've ever wanted from a Reese's was for it to be slightly less like itself, this is the option for you. Peanut Butter LoversImage: Reese'sNow for the real Reese's-heads: the Peanut Butter Lovers. This candy features an all-peanut butter top and extra peanut butter inside, which means that taking a bite of one is basically inviting a peanut butter bomb into your mouth. (For me, this is good.)The ratio of PB-to-chocolate on this one is a bit more similar to that of seasonal Reese's — it really feels like the chocolate is a vehicle for the peanut butter here. Yes, the base is still made of chocolate, but it takes a backseat to the interior PB goop and firm PB-flavored top shell. This is how it should be in a perfect Reese's world: Fewer chocolate ridges means fewer obstacles to the peanut butter prize.The Peanut Butter Lovers cup deviates far more from the standard cup than the Chocolate Lovers cup does, but it still tastes firmly like a Reese's. That's the thing with these speciality cups — if you like standard Reese's, you are going to like both of them. If you have a strong preference between the two? You probably have an extremely nuanced Reese's palate already.Not that that's a bad thing. WATCH: CBD-infused jelly beans are here

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