Why Trump Parted With Dan Coats

Why Trump Parted With Dan CoatsDan Coats is stepping down as President Donald Trump’s Director of National Intelligence on August 15 after a tenure marked by incongruity and diverging opinions about U.S. national security threats.Coats first served as a reliable Republican legislator in both houses of Congress from 1981 until his first departure in 1999. He was the leading candidate to be former President George W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense but was passed over in favor of Donald Rumsfeld after an interview in which Coats indicated that “he did not consider missile defense an urgent priority.” Instead, he was tapped as Ambassador to Germany during Bush’s first term. Coats later served a third term in the U.S. Senate, from 2011–2017.In March 2017, Coats was confirmed as the new Director of National Intelligence, a Bush-created position meant to oversee the entire intelligence community. The selection surprised many of the president’s supporters since Coats had supported the Iraq War, criticized Trump’s conduct during the presidential campaign, and favored sanctions to “bring Russia’s economy to its knees.”

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