Trump reportedly couldn't find a hotel room in Germany for G20 summit

Trump reportedly couldn't find a hotel room in Germany for G20 summitFor a man who owns a boatload of hotels, you'd think President Donald Trump would have no problem finding a comfortable room to crash. According to reports from local media, Trump had a little trouble finding a hotel room in Hamburg, Germany for his stay during the G20 summit this week. The
Hamburger Abendblatt reports that Trump was initially trying to stay at the Four Seasons, but it was apparently already filled up by Saudi Arabia’s King Salman's huge crew. SEE ALSO: Donald Trump and the first lady of Poland just had the most awkward handshake Ahead of G20 summit in Hamburg: Local media reports that Trump got rejected by city's top luxury hotel & has to stay in a state residence — Mathieu von Rohr (@mathieuvonrohr) June 26, 2017 According to the
Financial Times, Salaman won't even be attending the summit, but will be represented by a former finance minister Mohammed al-Djadaninstead. Regardless, Saudia Arabia rolls deep, and is reportedly occupying all 156 rooms at the Four Seasons.  The White House apparently tried to book a room at other luxury hotels in Hamburg, but was unsuccessful because they were all filled up with other world leaders and their guests.
BuzzFeed reports that this was due to White House staffers dragging their feet, and anyone who has ever booked a late hotel room can probably understand this pain. But this is the White House. The White House did not immediately respond to
Mashable's request for comment or confirmation on Trump's accommodations while in Germany.  Rumors spread weeks ago that the White House was considering putting Trump up at a hotel in Berlin, then flying him into the summit every day via helicopter. But alas, it seems Trump finally found a comfy bed to sleep on in Hamburg. Trump will reportedly be staying at the Senate Guest House, a building that was erected in 1868, but has served as the Hamburg Senate guest house since 1965, according to the
Associated Press. Here's a photo of the house where Trump is reportedly staying. It looks really nice! Exterior Guest house of the Senate of Hamburg where president Trump is supposed to stay during the upcoming G20 Summit.Image: action press/REX/ShutterstockSo how could this happen? Well, as
Vox points out, it's possible that this was possibly a major oversight from the State Department, that has only confirmed a handful of positions and is severely understaffed. The G20 summit, which was announced in February of 2016, requires 9,000 hotel rooms to accommodate world leaders, their guests, staff, and security.  WATCH: Donald Trump vs. The Dictionary

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