Trump just endorsed police violence and people are horrified

Trump just endorsed police violence and people are horrifiedDuring a speech Friday about cracking down on the MS-13 gang, President Donald Trump pushed it too far when it came to the topic of police brutality. At one point during his speech at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood, New York, in front of a crowd of law enforcement, Trump urged officers, "please don't be too nice." SEE ALSO: The Boy Scouts are really, really sorry about that Trump speech He went on to talk about removing common arrest procedures like protecting a suspect's head when putting them into a police vehicle. "I said you can take the hand away, OK," the president said, apparently forgetting about the whole concept of innocent until proven guilty. Twitter picked up on this and quickly accused the president of encouraging police violence. And they were not OK with it. "to protect and serve and to not be too nice" — E McMorris-Santoro (@EvanMcS) July 28, 2017 Trump just told police officers that they can be more violent than they already are. And they cheered. — deray mckesson (@deray) July 28, 2017 POTUS just encouraged cops to be rough putting criminals into "the paddy wagon." — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) July 28, 2017 the president normalizing and legitimizing police brutality is a big deal — fluffy (@curiousgawker) July 28, 2017 Trump openly encourages needless police brutality. This perpetuates the broken trust that makes violence toward and from police more likely. — Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) July 28, 2017 Amnesty International USA weighed in on Trump's comments. In a statement condemning the president's views,  Zeke Johnson, senior director of programs, said, “This inflammatory and hateful speech will only escalate tensions between police and communities and put both law enforcement and civilians at risk." He added, "encouraging violence by police is irresponsible and reprehensible.” Trump's views on law enforcement and inciting violence are nothing new — and continue to include a racist undercurrent directed at communities of color.  The violent rhetoric is nothing new for Trump. He ran a campaign based on it: — Anthony De Rosa  (@Anthony) July 28, 2017 He was called out for his fear-mongering and violent language again on Friday, especially with his words directed toward immigrants and other marginalized communities. When you can't govern and pass your agenda through Congress, turn to demonizing marginalized PoC and lies. — Britni Danielle (@BritniDWrites) July 28, 2017 No hate, no fear! Immigrants are welcome here! 100s still in Brentwood demanding Trump go home. #unitedagainsthate — Daniel Altschuler (@altochulo) July 28, 2017 Sadly, we all known the answer…Trump does NOT believe POC are people. He completely dehumanizes POC.  — AmericanWoman8 (@AmericanWoman8n) July 28, 2017 At a time when police and community relations are already tense, Trump's apparent suggestion for cops to rough up suspects is clearly a tactic.  WATCH: Trump bars transgender people from military, calls them a "disruption"

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