Trump committed obstruction of justice and should be indicted, says Fox News analyst in devastating attack

Trump committed obstruction of justice and should be indicted, says Fox News analyst in devastating attackFox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has broken down allegations Donald Trump obstructed justice in a scathing video published this week. While the president’s favourite network often features hosts defending him against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, Mr Napolitano asserted he was guilty of obstructing justice amid the years-long federal probe.“When the president asks his former adviser and my former colleague KT McFarland to write an untruthful letter to the file knowing the government would subpoena it, that’s obstruction of justice,” he said in the video. “When the president asks Cory Lewandowski, his former campaign manager, to get Mueller fired, that’s obstruction of justice.”Mr Napolitano continued breaking down the special counsel’s report, which noted at least 10 examples of possible obstruction on the part of the president. “When he dangled the pardon in front of Michael Cohen in order to keep Cohen from testifying against him, that’s obstruction of justice,” he said, before adding, “Why not charge him?”He also penned a damning Op-Ed this week that refuted Attorney General William Barr’s analysis of the report. Mr Barr has cleared the president of wrongdoing and said he would not be filing any charges against him. “On obstruction, Barr is wrong,” Mr Napolitano wrote. “The president's job is to enforce federal law.”“If he had ordered its violation to save innocent life or preserve human freedom, he would have a moral defence,” he continued. “But ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behaviour is unlawful, defenceless and condemnable.”The comments arrived nearly a week after the Justice Department released a redacted version of Mr Mueller’s report, which found an extensive, multi-pronged operation conducted by Russian operatives throughout the 2016 election to sway voter attitudes against Hillary Clinton and in favour of Mr Trump. House Democrats have issued subpoenas for the full report, meanwhile, calling on Mr Barr and Mr Mueller to testify before committees investigating Russian interference and the president’s financial dealings.

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