Truck carrying 7,500 pounds of 'slime eels' overturns on highway

Truck carrying 7,500 pounds of 'slime eels' overturns on highwayOregon police found themselves in a bit of a slimy situation when a huge truck carrying roughly 7,500 pounds of eels overturned, spilling them and their uhh….excretions?…all over the road and nearby cars. SEE ALSO: This slithering eel video is both creepy and captivating OSP @OregonDOT & @LincolnCountySO on scene overturned #Slime #Eel truck Hwy101 MP131 closed. #Cleanup on Aisle 101 — Oregon State Police (@ORStatePolice) July 13, 2017 The eels are technically a type of fish called "hagfish," which are an eel-shaped fish with no jaw or vertebrae that produce slime when distressed (hence the nickname "slime eel"). And they look like this. A Hagfish is displayed in Portsmouth, N.H., . The virtually blind and eel-like creature, which measures about 30 inches, and which features small tentacles around its jawless mouth and pincher-like teeth on its tongue, is the world's oldest vertebrate.Image: STEVEN SENNE/AP/REX/ShutterstockAH! SHIT!  According to police, no one was injured. But pictures and videos of the incident look like they're straight from some apocalypse horror movie where a natural disaster destroys society. One eyewitness said Paul Thomas Anderson showed up with a film crew before clean up efforts were underway in an attempt to "save money on special effects" for his sequel to
Magnolia. (Just kidding.)  WATCH: This garden is filled with 7,000 pinwheels

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