Tropical Storm Harvey in photos: Views of the Houston flood from the ground

Tropical Storm Harvey in photos: Views of the Houston flood from the groundHarvey is no ordinary storm. Those old enough to remember Hurricane Katrina in 2005 can recall chilling images and video of a city submerged. A storm surge washed across New Orleans, inflicting countless casualties and billions in property damage.  In Houston, it was not a surge of seawater that flooded the nation's 4th-largest city, but rather trillions of gallons of water from relentless rainbands rotating around a stationary storm. SEE ALSO: Houston's good Samaritans are watching out for each other as Harvey rages on We don't yet know exactly how Harvey will measure up, but comparisons don't matter much at this stage. People are in real trouble right now, and with emergency services strained, it's down to local residents to help each other out and save lives. Texans have risen admirably to the challenge. All across the storm-soaked region, Good Samaritans are lending a hand. Meanwhile, on social media, photographers of all stripes — from news organizations to everyday folks wielding smartphones — have kept track of every moment, conveying to the rest of the country how bad this disaster is. These images are vital for understanding the scale and scope of the devastation from Tropical Storm Harvey.  Photo shows runway at Houston's Hobby Airport completely flooded; both Houston's major airports closed amid #Harvey — Evan McMurry (@evanmcmurry) August 27, 2017 A stunning image, encapsulating #Harvey & the catastrophic flooding in #Houston. A little boy & his monkey in Dickinson.(  – @KHOU ) — Matt Rodewald FOX 10 (@Matt_Fox10) August 27, 2017 An unbelievable but honest photo of nursing home residents waiting to get rescued in Houston.  — Citizen Servant  (@citizenservant) August 27, 2017 The rain will NOT stop. #abc13 #Houston #Harvey — Courtney Fischer (@CourtneyABC13) August 27, 2017 Fire ants form a protective island as they float out the #Houston flood — Omar Villafranca (@OmarVillafranca) August 27, 2017 Looking into downtown #Houston above Buffalo Bayou at Studemont. More rain still to come. #Harvey #HurricaneHarvery — Brooke Sigler (@brookesigler) August 26, 2017 Horse in college station at university and HWY 6 trapped in flood waters #Harvey — andrew hazelwood '19 (@HazelwoodAndrew) August 27, 2017 #USCG Video: Coast Guard assess the aftermath of damage caused by #HurricaneHarvey during their search and rescue operations. — USCG Heartland (@USCGHeartland) August 27, 2017 This is what it looked like last time it stopped raining long enough to get a clear shot of the flooding #HoustonFloods #Harvey — DoubleHorn Photo (@DoubleHornPhoto) August 27, 2017 The Bayou over by Hermann Park is full AF and the path we run under McGregor is 100% under water #Harvey @abc13houston — Mel Campagna (@MelCampagna) August 27, 2017 League City, TX this morning. #Harvey — Maria Quitéria (@RaceForTheWH) August 27, 2017 Praying for Meyerland area. #Harvey — Blake Green (@MrBlakeGreen) August 27, 2017 WATCH: Hurricane Harvey is intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico

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