Toyota continues with the fuel cell hard sell

Toyota continues with the fuel cell hard sellThe Fine Comfort Ride Concept, which will be making its debut at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show is yet another attempt by Toyota to convince the masses that hydrogen is the fuel of the future. The concept, which is being pitched as the premium sedan of the future, uses a combination of clever packaging (the motors are integrated into its wheels) and clever shapes (technically speaking the car is a rhombus rather than rectangular-shaped) in order to offer ample space for six adults without extending the wheelbase beyond 3.5m. Although every major mainstream car company has invested in and is studying the capabilities of fuel cells, Toyota has been selling hydrogen-powered cars for several years and demonstrating how this form of electrification not only most closely mirrors the traditional gasoline-powered car-owner experience (long driving range, fast re-fueling times), but could also be an innovative way of power delivery.

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