This Mirror Can Detect Your Bra Size


Last year Swiss lingerie company Triumph conducted an international survey of 10,000 women and found that 64 percent are wearing the wrong size bra. What’s worse is that 29 percent knew they should be properly fitted and did nothing about it.

Why? Because getting fitted for a bra is one of those awkward womanly rites of passage that we prefer not to experience more than once. Until now.

Meet the 3D fitting mirror, which debuted in Rigby & Peller’s Hong Kong location. It can calculate your bra size simply by doing a slow 360 turn in front of it while wearing your current lingerie. It registers 140 measurements of your body, then offers up the correct size and how that size correlates to different lingerie brands. And it has a name – Catherine.

The technology was such a hit in the Hong Kong store that Rigby & Peller have installed the smart mirror in their London location as well. Check out the video to see “Catherine” in action. />

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