The world is less than 2 'minutes' from doomsday, atomic scientists warn

The world is less than 2 'minutes' from doomsday, atomic scientists warnApocalyptic doom is apparently closer than it's ever been before.Every year, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announces the world's status on its "doomsday clock," which reveals just how close all of humanity is to certain destruction. And after putting it at a dangerous two minutes from apocalypse for the last few years in a row, scientists upped their prediction to an unprecedented 100 seconds on Thursday.The greatest threats to humanity, as outlined by the Bulletin, are "nuclear war and climate change," which are "compounded by a threat multiplier — cyber-enabled information warfare — that undercuts society's ability to respond." The scientists specifically called out how 2019 saw the end of "several major arms control treaties and negotiations," while "political conflicts regarding nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea remain unresolved and are, if anything, worsening."As for climate change, scientists acknowledged "public awareness of the climate crisis grew over the course of 2019, largely because of mass protests by young people around the world." But "government action" hasn't risen to meet that public push, and even the UN has "put forward few concrete plans to further limit the carbon dioxide emissions," the statement continued. Altogether, this puts the world closer to a metaphorical midnight than ever before in the clock's 73-year history.More stories from Democrats walked right into Mitch McConnell's trap Annabella Sciorra tells jurors Harvey Weinstein raped her in harrowing testimony: 'He kept coming at me' Michael Bloomberg gets another moderate mayor's endorsement from San Francisco's London Breed

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