The Pope did not appear that thrilled to meet Justin Trudeau

The Pope did not appear that thrilled to meet Justin TrudeauPope Francis is not here for your Instagram likes. The Pope was recently photographed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was just born for the camera. But instead of smiling, the Pope decided he would put on his best "I'd rather be reading encyclicals" face. SEE ALSO: Pope Francis met President Trump and looked insanely psyched about it We all thought the Pope was just really sad about meeting President Trump. But not even Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, could win the angsty Pope's heart. It's not them, it's him. Image: vatican pool/Getty ImagesIt's entirely possible that Francis just doesn't like to smile for these shots. Or he doesn't like world leaders. Call him the "INFJ" Pope. The internet couldn't help but notice his reticence. @CdnPress The Pope is still getting over his meeting with Trump, apparently. — DanJustDan (@ShotoDan2016) May 29, 2017 It turns out that it's called "resting Pope's face." RPF. — Stephano (@primal_tweet) May 29, 2017 The cool pope never smiles, it's not his #brand — Emma Schützkowski (@emmaschuetz) May 29, 2017 Pope Francis is the goth teen inside all of us. WATCH: Someone has invented a simple wheelchair that gives users the freedom to move upright

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