Teen slams hypocritical school dress code in the perfect senior quote

Teen slams hypocritical school dress code in the perfect senior quoteHigh school senior Tori DiPaolo is now a hero on Twitter for using her senior quote to fight sexism. DiPaolo's school, West Milford High in New Jersey, bans girls from wearing shoulder baring tops on most days, but the robes required for senior photos happen to show a whole lot of … wait for it … shoulder. Tori: 1Dress code: 0 pic.twitter.com/1HHgjg84AE — Tori (@tori_dipaolo) June 13, 2017 SEE ALSO: Rapper/philosopher T-Pain gives student a senior quote and it's glorious DiPaolo called attention to this blatant contradiction with a self-quote: “I’m sorry, did my shoulders distract you from reading this quote?”  Let's just say Twitter was here for it. This is the best senior quote ever. You're a fucking iconic ass queen & I applaud the fuck out this shit FUCK IT UP QUEEN t.co/29vsd6JALw — Brittany PINNED (@LitLikeBrittt) June 17, 2017 You are an awesome young lady with the world at your fingertips. Never settle and don't let the system box you in. GL — Angel Valdez (@GiJoeValdez) June 16, 2017 yo Tori, this is hype a/f. I applaud this shit — Nik Latrone (@NikHasTricks) June 17, 2017 It really is the perfect quote coming from someone who describes themselves as infamous for fighting their school's dress code double standards. DiPaolo finds that her school unfairly applies the dress code to girls but not boys. “My school’s dress code prohibits boys from wearing muscle shirts," DiPaolo told the
Huffington Post. "But they do all the time and don’t get in trouble yet, when my bra strap accidentally slips I have to miss class time to go change." A+ trolling, Tori. Calling out sexism with honors.  WATCH:

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