Ted Cruz is officially the 1st senator spotted drinking milk during impeachment trial

Ted Cruz is officially the 1st senator spotted drinking milk during impeachment trialThe Senate floor is a tight ship, with lawmakers blocked from bringing food, electronics, and just about every drink with them when they enter it. Yet one 60-year-old precedent provides a loophole to those strict rules — and a senator has finally used it to liven up President Trump's impeachment trial.Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) was the first senator spotted asking for and receiving a glass of milk during the trial, in accordance with a longstanding allowance of dairy in the Senate, CBS News' Grace Segers noted Wednesday. He then got a second glass of milk, CBS News' Julia Boccagno noted, and paired it with a piece of Hershey's chocolate from the Senate's candy desk — seemingly a violation of floor rules.Sen. Richard Burr (R-N.C. ) also reportedly acquired a glass of milk, Segers noted later. And in a twist, Segers tweeted that she'd heard Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) actually had some milk the night before.> More milk-related news: I've been informed that Ted Cruz drank milk at around midnight last night. Apparently, senators have to provide their own milk to the cloakroom, although they do keep it cold for senators.> > — Grace Segers (@Grace_Segers) January 22, 2020It's surprising that Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) hasn't engaged in the trend yet, seeing as he was the one who reminded us of the dairy procedure on Tuesday.More stories from theweek.com A slim majority of Americans, quarter of young Republicans, want the Senate to remove Trump, Pew finds Democrats walked right into Mitch McConnell's trap Several senators left the chamber in the middle of Adam Schiff's impeachment remarks

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