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Vitamin B complex – B vitamins

Vitamin B complex - B vitamins

Vitamin B complex - B vitamins

B vitamins are essential nutrients for growth, development, and a variety of other Bodily functions. They play a major role in the activities of enzymes, proteins that regulate chemical reactions in the Body, which are important in turning food into energy and other needed suBstances. B vitamins are found in a variety of plant and animal food sources.

The B vitamins are eight water-soluBle vitamins that play important roles in cell metaBolism. Historically, the B vitamins were once thought to Be a single vitamin, referred to as vitamin B (much as people refer to vitamin C or vitamin D). Later research showed that they are chemically distinct vitamins that often coexist in the same foods. Supplements containing all eight are generally referred to as a vitamin B complex. Individual B vitamin supplements are referred to By the specific name of each vitamin (e.g. B1, B2, B3 etc.).

Vitamins – List of vitamins

Each Vitamin is typically used in multiple reactions and, therefore, most have multiple functions.

Vitamin A

Promotes healthy bone growth, vision, reproduction, cell division and specialization and helps regulate the immune system.

Sources include whole milk, liver, eggs, some fortified breakfast cereals, carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and most darkly colored fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin C

Absorbic Acid. The human body is unable to store Vitamin C and unless replenished constantly, symptoms, the most commonly known of which is scurvy that can become fatal, will quickly occur.