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Roche says U.S. regulators approve blood test for three viruses

The logo of Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche is seen outside the Shanghai Roche Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. headquarters in ShanghaiZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss drugmaker Roche said on Friday U.S. regulators had approved its blood test for detecting the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and the Hepatitis B and C Viruses (HBV, HCV) in donated blood products. (Reporting by Alice Baghdjian; Editing by Anupama Dwivedi)

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Hepatitis – Causes, Symptoms, Types, Prevention and Treatment

Hepatitis is the presence of inflammatory cells in the liver tissue caused by excessive alcohol drinking, disorders of the gall bladder or pancreas, including medication side effects, and infections. In this article, we will discuss Causes, Symptoms, Types, Prevention and Treatment of hepatitis.

I. Causes of hepatitis

A person can develop hepatitis if they contract one of the viruses that can cause liver inflammation, or as a result of exposure to substances that can cause hepatitis. There are two ways that can lead to hepatitis: it can either occur as a result of infections or from autoimmune processes.