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Twitter Foes Stunned By Homoerotic Trailer For Tucker Carlson’s Show On Testosterone ‘Crisis’

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Testosterone gel boosts sexual desire and activity in older men

By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – Older men with low testosterone levels and scant desire for sex report more interest and more sexual activity after testosterone therapy, according to a new study. Compared to men using a fake testosterone gel, those using real medication for one year improved on 10 out of 12 measures of sexual activity, researchers found. “There was a notable clinical difference in sexual function and desire,” said lead author Dr. Glenn Cunningham, of Baylor College of Medicine and Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center in Houston, Texas.
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Testosterone therapy improves libido but not vitality in older men

By Gene Emery (Reuters Health) – Men over 64 with low levels of testosterone saw modest improvements in libido and sexual activity when treated with a gel that contains the male hormone, according to U.S. researchers. The treatments did not significantly improve vitality or walking distance in people tested for those problems, according to the results in the New England Journal of Medicine.
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