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Go to infinity and beyond with this 'Toy Story'-themed plane

Go to infinity and beyond with this 'Toy Story'-themed planeThemed planes are usually pretty cool, but you'll definitely Buzz over this
Toy Story-themed plane. Created by China Eastern Airlines, the aircraft was unveiled to commemorate the opening of Shanghai Disney Resort's new
Toy Story-themed land last week.  SEE ALSO: The best movies coming to your flights in May The plane will fly on domestic routes, and passengers (or Space Rangers, if you will) are immersed in the world of the animated film series from airport to airplane.  There's a personalised boarding pass, while the plane seats, tray tables and ceilings are decked out with the colours and characters from
Toy Story. Even Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear makes a prominent appearance on the ceiling, even though he was uh, kinda evil. Image: CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES Image: CHINA EASTERN AIRLINESAt the front of the plane's exterior, Buzz Lightyear takes precedence while Woody follows behind (which the sheriff would
hate, to be honest). Image: China Eastern AirlinesIdeally, the plane will lead you to Shanghai Disney Resort's Disney Pixar Toy Story Land, where nearby the world's only
Toy Story-themed hotel has been built. At the hotel, every detail is dedicated to the series, from your slippers to the shower wall design. Only
Toy Story obsessives need apply. WATCH: Dogs are a treasure and this GPS will help ensure you never lose yours

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