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Thai activists urge UN to help repeal royal defamation laws

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Congress to Repeal Three Health Industry Taxes Intended to Fund Obamacare

Congress to Repeal Three Health Industry Taxes Intended to Fund ObamacareCongress is preparing to repeal three major health industry taxes meant to fund the Affordable Care Act in the year-end spending bill, dealing a significant blow to Obamacare's funding mechanisms.While congressional leaders are still hammering out the details of the spending bill, lawmakers have reportedly agreed to scrap the 40 percent Cadillac tax on high end employer plans, the 2.3 percent medical device tax, and an additional health insurance tax.The repeal of the taxes, which were mandated by the Obama administration's Affordable Care Act, constitutes a win for the health insurance industry and a severe funding problem for Obamacare. The Cadillac tax repeal is expected to cost nearly $ 200 billion over 10 years, while the repeals of the other two taxes are projected to cost between $ 15 billion and $ 25 billion each over the same period.Congress prevented the Cadillac tax, which drew strong opposition from employers and unions with expensive health benefits plans, from taking effect until 2022, and the House voted over the summer to abandon it permanently. The medical device and health insurance taxes have been enforced on and off since the Affordable Care Act was passed.The text of the $ 1.4 trillion spending bill is expected to be released Monday, and the package is expected to pass both the House and Senate this week.Some Senate Democrats, including Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Pat Leahy have opposed the Cadillac tax since the Obama years, “This tax unfortunately would target far too many health plans and place far too great a burden on working families,” Leahy said in 2015. “We must find a way to contain the cost of health care without creating geographic disparities and limiting the benefits available in health plans.”

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Virginia Commission Calls for Repeal of ‘Explicitly Racist’ and ‘Segregationist’ Laws

Virginia Commission Calls for Repeal of ‘Explicitly Racist’ and ‘Segregationist’ LawsA Virginia state commission released a report Thursday calling for the official repeal of “deeply troubling” state laws still on the books that contain “explicitly racist language and segregationist policies.”The Commission to Examine Racial Inequity in Virginia Law published a lengthy report saying that the outdated laws should not “remain enshrined in law” despite no longer being in effect.“The commission believes that such vestiges of Virginia’s segregationist past should no longer have official status,” the report states. "The devastating long-term social, economic, and political impact of legalized segregation in Virginia continues to plague people of color today."While many of the laws the commission cited have been nullified by courts, such as the ban on interracial marriage in the “Act to Preserve Racial Integrity,” the commission warned that they could become relevant again with another court ruling.“Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no child shall be required to enroll in or attend any school wherein both white and colored children are enrolled,” a 1956 law continues to read.Democratic governor Ralph Northam spearheaded the commission in June to identify state laws that “were intended to or could have the effect of promoting or enabling racial discrimination or inequity.” The governor said he would focus on promoting racial equality for the rest of his term after weathering a scandal earlier this year over a racist yearbook photo depicting one person in blackface and another in a KKK outfit.Northam pledged in a statement Thursday to repeal all racially discriminatory language in Virginia law.“If we are going to move forward as a Commonwealth, we must take an honest look at our past,” the governor said. “We know that racial discrimination is rooted in many of the laws that have governed our Commonwealth—today represents an important step towards building a more equal, just, and inclusive Virginia.”

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U.S. Democrat Warren wants to repeal 1994 crime bill, end cash bail

U.S. Democrat Warren wants to repeal 1994 crime bill, end cash bailU.S. Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday proposed sweeping changes to federal and state criminal justice systems, including ending cash bail requirements and doing away with a crime bill that rival Joe Biden helped make law. “It’s not equal justice when a kid with an ounce of pot can get thrown in jail, while a bank executive who launders money for a drug cartel can get a bonus. Warren’s popularity has risen in public opinion polls measuring the crowded Democratic field, but she has not gained much traction among black voters, a key voting demographic in the party’s nominating contests.

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House Vote to Repeal Obamacare Tax Shows Health Care Tension

House Vote to Repeal Obamacare Tax Shows Health Care Tension(Bloomberg) — The House voted overwhelmingly to repeal a tax Wednesday intended to fund the Affordable Care Act, preserving tax breaks for employer-sponsored insurance plans favored by large corporations.In a reversal of the usual partisan roles, Democrats rather than Republicans led the charge to kill a key part of Obamacare.The bill to repeal the levy commonly known as the “Cadillac tax” passed 419-6 with bipartisan support. The 40% excise tax on the most generous and expensive employer health-insurance plans was included in Obamacare as a measure that economists said would help curb health costs.Congress kept delaying its implementation so the tax has never actually been collected. Had it gone into effect, it would have hit about one in five employers that offer health benefits to their workers, according to estimates from the Kaiser Family Foundation.The vote to repeal the tax highlights the conflicting forces pulling at Democrats when campaigning versus legislating.Several of the party’s presidential candidates led by Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren support replacing nearly all private insurance with a government-run system financed by tax increases. Former Vice President Joe Biden, the front-runner in the race, has a less sweeping plan to bolster Obamacare, but it still would offer a public health insurance option funded by tax hikes on the wealthy.But in Congress, Democrats and Republicans are facing pressure from labor unions and large companies to move in the opposite direction by keeping tax advantages for employer-sponsored plans. Supporters of repealing the tax say keeping it in place would force employers to offer less generous health insurance to their workers.Employers can reap large tax savings by compensating their employees in the form of more extensive health insurance, rather than wages, which are subject to payroll taxes. Employer-paid premiums are exempt from federal income and payroll taxes, and the premiums employees pay are also often excluded from taxable income.Changing Minds“I’ve been a supporter of the Cadillac tax because I thought it would” lower health care costs, said Representative Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the No. 2 Democrat in the House. “But I’ve read some additional material on it and it’s obviously overwhelmingly thought this will not have the effect in terms of raising money or controlling cost that I thought it would have.”The dissonance among Democrats about whether to expand or shrink employer-sponsored health coverage makes them look like “gymnasts,” said Representative Mike Kelly, a Pennsylvania Republican.“Where are you on this stuff?” he said. “Wait a minute, you’re all advocating that there be no such thing as employer-sponsored coverage.”The repeated delays in imposing the Cadillac tax delays mean that Congress was never able to test whether it would curb the explosion of health care spending, which has risen an average 4.2% every quarter between 2010 and 2018, according to data from the Kaiser Family Foundation.The repeal also would mean that the Treasury Department won’t collect the $ 201 billion the Joint Committee on Taxation estimated it would raise over a decade.Obamacare TaxesObamacare included several other tax increases, including a 3.8% tax on investment income and a 0.9% levy on wages for top-earners. The portion of the law that was supposed to be financed through the Cadillac tax instead would be paid for through deficit spending, unless lawmakers propose a last-minute tax increase to offset the cost.Democrats have generally opposed measures to chip away at President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement, but the Cadillac tax has been unpopular since it became part of the code.The measure to repeal it, H.R. 748, was passed under a fast-track procedure requiring two-thirds support among House members.Yet popularity doesn’t necessarily mean good policy, said Marc Goldwein, senior vice president at the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. Politicians don’t like the tax on health benefits, but nearly every economist thinks the Cadillac tax or a similar measure is necessary to help slow the rise in health-care costs and curb overuse of health services, he added.“Just because it’s bipartisan doesn’t mean it’s good,” he said.Not all Democrats are on board with eliminating the tax. Representative Ron Kind, a Wisconsin Democrat, said he opposes the repeal because the cost isn’t offset and there wasn’t any discussion about how scuttling the tax would affect the Affordable Care Act overall.“I think we are lapsing into some very bad habits in the majority,” he said. “We need to start instilling some fiscal discipline in this place and making some tough decisions.”Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, hasn’t committed to addressing the issue in his chamber. Because the repeal effort is led by Democrats, it sets up a path for McConnell to use it as a vehicle to attach Republican tax priorities, such as correcting errors in the 2017 tax law or extending several expired tax breaks that benefit the biodiesel and energy industries.“We’ve kicked the can down the road for so long on this one that the assumption is that it’s never going to go into effect,” said Representative Dan Kildee, a Michigan Democrat. “There’s a certain inevitability to this one getting repealed.”\–With assistance from Emily Wilkins.To contact the reporter on this story: Laura Davison in Washington at ldavison4@bloomberg.netTo contact the editors responsible for this story: Joe Sobczyk at jsobczyk@bloomberg.net, Laurie AsséoFor more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.com©2019 Bloomberg L.P.

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Repeal, but not replace?: Today's Toon

Repeal, but not replace?: Today's ToonWant to keep up with USA TODAY's editorial cartoons? Bookmark this page. We'll update it frequently.

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Republicans Will Repeal Obamacare If They Get The Chance, Mitch McConnell Says

Republicans Will Repeal Obamacare If They Get The Chance, Mitch McConnell SaysRepublicans could make another run at repealing the Affordable Care Act if

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McConnell says Senate Republicans might revisit Obamacare repeal

McConnell says Senate Republicans might revisit Obamacare repealOn Nov. 6, Americans will vote for candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives. McConnell’s Republicans now hold majority control of both chambers. Democrats will try to wrest control in races for all 435 House seats and one-third of the 100 Senate seats.

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‘Time to join the NRA.’ Calls to repeal the Second Amendment set off commenters

‘Time to join the NRA.’ Calls to repeal the Second Amendment set off commenters“Everyone has an opinion, thankfully we have the constitution.” “I can think of fewer things that would create a state of open rebellion in the United States.” Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens’s call for a repeal of the Second Amendment has Newsroom readers up in arms.

In a New York Times op-ed piece, Stevens said March for Our Lives protesters asking for gun law reform should ask for more: “They should demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.”

The vast majority of the thousands of Newsroom comments on the Yahoo News report show strong opposition: “I have never owned a gun in my life, but fully understand the importance of the Second Amendment.”

President Trump, meanwhile, completely dismissed Stevens’s call to repeal, tweeting, “The Second Amendment will never be repealed!”

The Second Amendment says: “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Stevens called for the repeal in order to weaken the National Rifle Association. The NRA answered back with its own statement: “We will unapologetically continue to fight to protect this fundamental freedom.”

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Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Repeal the Second Amendment

Former Supreme Court Justice Stevens: Repeal the Second AmendmentA retired Supreme Court justice believes the March for Our Lives protesters, who want lawmakers to enact limited reforms to the nation’s gun laws, are aiming too low.

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