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Connecticut state court vacates Kennedy relative murder conviction

Connecticut state court vacates Kennedy relative murder convictionThe top court in the state of Connecticut on Friday vacated the murder conviction of a nephew of Robert F. Kennedy over the violent death of a 15-year-old girl and recommended a new trial, the latest twist in a decades-long legal battle. The written opinion reverses the court’s own decision in December 2016 which had reinstated the conviction of Michael Skakel, a nephew to the slain former attorney general through his widow Ethel. Martha Moxley was killed in 1975, her body found under a tree after a pre-Halloween party on the Skakel family’s Belle Haven estate.

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Suspected serial killer caught after relative shares DNA with genealogy website

Suspected serial killer caught after relative shares DNA with genealogy websiteUpdate, Friday, April 27, 1:24 pm ET:
The San Jose Mercury News

the genealogy website
used by investigators
as GEDmatch, a free, open-source service based in Florida.  Think twice before you send companies your spit.  A suspected serial killer was caught when investigators compared his DNA to samples collected by an ancestry website.  SEE ALSO: Facebook's richer than ever, despite data privacy scandals Services like 23andMe and Ancestry have become popular by using DNA from users who want to learn more about their family history. But few people think the DNA samples they send in might be used by law enforcement.  On Tuesday, Joseph James DeAngelo Jr. was caught by police. He's allegedly the "Golden State Killer," the perpetrator of 45 rapes and 12 murders throughout the '70s and '80s. Obviously, if he's guilty, this guy should burn in the hottest of hells. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, though, the
way he was caught does raise some privacy questions.  Law enforcement compared a blood sample from the scene of a crime with DNA from one of DeAngelo's relatives, according to the
Sacramento Bee. That's right. He wasn't even the one who used the ancestry website —it was someone who was related to him.  That means you don't even have to consent to have your DNA available to law enforcement.  The Sacramento District Attorney's Office confirmed that the
Bee's story was accurate, but wouldn't name the ancestry websites used by investigators to track down DeAngelo. "It’s an ongoing investigation," Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi said in a statement provided to Mashable. "We have given you as much information as we can at this time. No further information on this subject will be provided." Spokespeople from 23andMe and Ancestry said the companies were not involved in the DeAngelo case.  The former said it's "our policy to resist law enforcement inquiries to protect customer privacy." Ancestry said it "advocates for its members’ privacy and will not share any information with law enforcement unless compelled to by valid legal process." There are other genealogy websites out there that collect DNA, but 23andMe and Ancestry are the most visible of those services — and they absolutely get requests from law enforcement for data.  Both release transparency reports. 23andMe claims it has never shared genetic information with law enforcement. Ancestry says it hasn't over the last three years, but did share data in 2014 with investigators looking into the murder and rape of a woman in Idaho.  Last year, Sen. Chuck Schumer called on the Federal Trade Commission to look into how companies that collect your DNA store and share your data. "Now, this is sensitive information," he said, "and what those companies can do with all that data, our sensitive and deepest information, your genetics, is not clear and in some cases not fair and not right." WATCH: Here's 5 tips for Spring cleaning your digital footprint

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Body Of Missing 6-year-old With Autism Is Found In Dumpster As Relative Taken Into Custody

Body Of Missing 6-year-old With Autism Is Found In Dumpster As Relative Taken Into CustodyBody Of Missing 6-year-old With Autism Is Found In Dumpster As Relative Taken Into Custody

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Late Night Hosts Slammed For Relative Silence On Weinstein Allegations

Late Night Hosts Slammed For Relative Silence On Weinstein AllegationsIn the wake of bombshell sexual harassment allegations against film executive Harvey Weinstein, some viewers of late night comedy are left wondering why top hosts have been relatively quiet on the story.

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A terrifying crocodile relative, with teeth like a T. rex, may have taken on dinosaurs

A terrifying crocodile relative, with teeth like a T. rex, may have taken on dinosaursMeet "Razana," a gigantic lizard ancestor with the teeth of a T. rex and the body of a crocodile. The prehistoric beast — formally named
Razanandrongobe sakalavae — was likely a top predator in Madagascar about 170 million years ago, when dinosaurs also roamed the planet, a team of Italian and French paleontologists said Tuesday. SEE ALSO: 99-million-year-old bird fossil has been found preserved in amber and it's truly exquisite Razana had a massive jaw bone lined with enormous jagged teeth, which were similar in size and shape to those of a
Tyrannosaurus rex, the scientists wrote in a study published July 4 in the journal
PeerJ. That suggests the teeth were sharp enough to slice through hard tissue such as bone and tendon. An illustration of the head of Razana.Image: Fabio ManucciAlthough the ancient lizard's body was long and lean like that of a modern crocodile, Razana was made even more beastly by its deep skull shape and powerful straight limbs, the fossils indicated. Paleontologists said Razana appears to be by far the oldest and largest representative of a group of croc-like animals called Notosuchians. Little is known about the origin and early evolution of this group, and until now, these animals hadn't been known to exist during the Jurassic period. "Like these and other gigantic crocs from the [more recent] Cretaceous, Razana could outcompete even theropod dinosaurs at the top of the food chain," Cristiano Dal Sasso, the study's lead author and a researcher at the Natural History Museum of Milan, said in a statement. Paleontologists Cristiano Dal Sasso (right) and Simone Maganuco (left) exhibit some skull bones of Razana in Milan.Image: Giovanni BindelliniThe Madagascar fossils are thought to predate other forms of the Notosuchia by 42 million years, according to the study. The Razana seems to have roamed the area when Madagascar, which is now an island, was separating from the giant landmass of southern continents known as Gondwana, Simone Maganuco, a co-author of the study, said in a statement. "It represents a further signal that the Notosuchia originated in southern Gondwana," he said. WATCH: Toy dinosaurs chase real people in this ’Jurassic Park’ remake

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Relative 'devastated' after shooting kills 8 in Mississippi

Relative 'devastated' after shooting kills 8 in MississippiBROOKHAVEN, Miss. (AP) — Head in hands, his voice strained, Vincent Mitchell sat outside his little yellow home and tried to make sense of how a family dispute led to a rampage that killed eight people, including the deputy who tried to keep them safe.

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