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26-year-old man charged with raping family friends' one-year-old baby

26-year-old man charged with raping family friends' one-year-old babyJayson Newlun, a 26-year-old family friend who was babysitting for friends, was caught inappropriately touching the child while pleasuring himself after being left alone with the baby for just 10 to 15 minutes, according to local media. Court documents show that the mother and father had left Mr Newlun alone with their daughter while they went to the store. Once they returned, the mother noticed that Mr Newlun wasn’t on the couch where he had been when they left, and that her infant daughter’s bedroom door was open.

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Texas man charged with raping two children, infecting them with HIV

AUSTIN Texas (Reuters) – A Houston man has been arrested on charges of sexually assaulting two girls, ages 14 and 2, and infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, police said on Friday. The man admitted to sexually assaulting the teenage victim multiple times, police said in a statement. A lawyer for the man was not immediately available for comment. The suspect, a registered sex offender, is being held without bond, police said. He “has destroyed their lives … …
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