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The Latest: Oil price rises on new Iran drone incident

The Latest: Oil price rises on new Iran drone incidentThe price of oil is up as tensions escalate in the Persian Gulf region, where a fifth of the world’s crude is shipped through. Energy prices rose on Friday, a day after President Donald said a U.S. warship had downed an Iranian drone. Iran denies its drone was struck and says all its unmanned aircraft in the region returned to base safely.

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The Price Is Right On This 1985 Ford F-250 Lariat XLT

The Price Is Right On This 1985 Ford F-250 Lariat XLTDon’t let this deal pass you by. Now this is something to write home about. If you’ve been in the market for a pickup, then this 1985 Ford F-250 Lariat XLT Extended Cab might be just what you need. Up for sale by Drager’s Classic Cars, this original beauty runs and drives well with 97,767 miles on the dash. Don’t let that discourage you, though, as this truck has a great many years ahead of it. The asking price is just $ 3,995, which comes out to an estimated monthly payment of just $ 59.81! That’s merely pocket change.This 1985 F-250 is an extended cab variant with rear jump seats. If you are in the market for a truck to haul a trailer or even put a camper on, then this is the vehicle for you. The original vehicle ad says that the truck has an electrical plug that is mounted in the bed with all the mounting points needed for tying a camper down. So you can rest assured that this bad boy can get the job done, since it already had a camper on it at one time. This F-250 Lariat XLT features power steering, brakes, windows, and door locks with an electric brake controller and rear-sliding window. It also has dual gas tanks. The interior is equipped with an aftermarket AM/FM radio with a CD-player so you can enjoy all your favorite jams on every trip. This bad boy is powered by a very durable big-block 460 7.5-liter V8 engine, which delivers 245 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque.The previous owners just installed two new tires on the front and had an alignment done, which is verifiable via receipt images. They also serviced the brakes. New front rotors and calipers were also just replaced, in addition to wheel bearings and seals.For a truck that is nearly 35 years old, it does contain a few small dents on the box itself. However, the truck is very straight and runs smoothly. The original tan-on-brown paint job looks good with some small rock chips. You may notice some light paint damage on the front of the truck box as a result of the camper chains that were once on the truck. All in all, this 1985 Ford F-250 is a clean and drives nice, and should last a very long time with the right owner. Read more… Blast Through Any Desert With This 1995 Ford F-150 Pre Runner 1968 Ford F-100 Ranger Short Bed Is A Conversation Starter

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Tesla reverses course on price cuts amid plans to keep most stores open

Tesla reverses course on price cuts amid plans to keep most stores openOne of the more interesting and admirable things about Tesla over the years has been the company's clear vision and unwavering adherence to a coherent product strategy. As laid out in the first installment of Tesla's master plan more than a decade ago, the company described in clear terms its plan to revolutionize the auto industry by using profits from pricier electric vehicles to develop and manufacture a mass market EV, a car we now know as the Model 3. Recently, though, Tesla seems to be somewhat prone to waffling as opposed to sticking with a coherent game plan. Late last month, for example, Tesla at long last announced the long-overdue arrival of the $ 35,000 Model 3. The company also announced that it would be closing nearly all of its stores and that the Model S and Model X would also see some slight price reductions. Not even two weeks later, Tesla has had something of an about-face. Perhaps realizing that closing the majority of its stores was a short-sighted move, the company over the weekend announced that it will keep most of its stores open and that the promised price cuts for the Model S and Model X won't be implemented. Tesla's updated announcement on the matter can be viewed below: > Last month, we announced that we would be winding down many of our stores and moving to online-only sales in order to pass the savings along to our customers. Over the past two weeks we have been closely evaluating every single Tesla retail location, and we have decided to keep significantly more stores open than previously announced as we continue to evaluate them over the course of several months. When we recently closed 10% of sales locations, we selected stores that didn’t invite the natural foot traffic our stores have always been designed for. These are stores that we would have closed anyway, even if in-store sales made up our entire sales model. A few stores in high visibility locations that were closed due to low throughput will be reopened, but with a smaller Tesla crew. In addition, there are another 20% of locations that are under review, and depending on their effectiveness over the next few months, some will be closed and some will remain open. As a result of keeping significantly more stores open, Tesla will need to raise vehicle prices by about 3% on average worldwide. In other words, we will only close about half as many stores, but the cost savings are therefore only about half. Potential Tesla owners will have a week to place their order before prices rise, so current prices are valid until March 18th. There will be no price increase to the $ 35,000 Model 3. The price increases will only apply to the more expensive variants of Model 3, as well as Model S and X. To be clear, all sales worldwide will still be done online, in that potential Tesla owners coming in to stores will simply be shown how to order a Tesla on their phone in a few minutes. And the generous return policy of 1000 miles or 7 days, whichever comes first, should alleviate the need for most test drives. However, cars will still be available for test drives at stores at the potential Tesla owner’s request. Stores will also carry a small number of cars in inventory for customers who wish to drive away with a Tesla immediately.All in all, this seems like the right move for Tesla. Though the company noted that most orders occur through the Tesla website, that's probably a function of eager Tesla buyers willing to pull the trigger with not so much as a test drive. If Tesla truly wants to hasten the adoption of EVs, though, it needs physical retail locations where complete strangers to the Tesla brand can learn about the company and schedule test drives.

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The Price of Catholic Unity

The Price of Catholic UnityFor Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent: On the Situation of the Church in China, published in English this year, is a series of eight lectures by Joseph Cardinal Zen. Cardinal Zen delivered the lectures in Hong Kong in 2017. The lectures are an account of the state of the relationship between the Church within and the Church outside China from 2000 to 2017, focusing on a letter written by Pope Benedict to Chinese Catholics in 2007 and on diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the Church in China.Though the plight of faithful in China may currently be overshadowed by the many high-profile sexual-abuse scandals within the Church, the persecution faced by Catholics in the avowedly atheist country should not be disregarded. But it is not the Chinese government’s oppression of religious minorities that Zen focuses on. In his lectures he details the incompetence and corruption of Church officials in their handling of the complex and tense relationship between Vatican officials and diplomats, the state-run Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (PCA), and the underground Catholic Church in China.The PCA has historically operated under the auspices of the ruling Communist party rather than Rome, appointing its own bishops without Vatican approval and thereby rendering those bishops latae sententiae excommunicants. Pope Benedict XVI in 2006 formally excommunicated two PCA-appointed bishops and the two bishops who had ordained them. The underground Catholic Church in China is in good standing and full communion with Rome but lacks the approval of the Chinese government and therefore suffers persecution.Some Chinese Catholics loathe the state-run Church as an empty apparatus intended for control rather than sincere devotion, some believers trust only the state-sanctioned Church, and some do not bother to distinguish between the two, since the difference is not in rite or theology but in ecclesiological administration. Zen, who is still outspoken in his disapproval of the provisional agreement signed on September 22 of last year, criticizes the prevarications of the Vatican in its dealings with the Church in China in For Love of My People. He condemns the strategy of “compromise and surrender” and says that the “Curia has always tried to please the Chinese government.”In 1988, the Vatican issued eight points on Catholicism in China. The provisional agreement signed last year is in discord with them. In the eight points, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples decreed that PCA ordinations were valid but not licit. But under the agreement, in what Pope Francis has claimed is an attempt to foster healing and unity among Chinese Catholics, the distinction between PCA and Catholic bishops has been erased. Francis has recognized eight bishops (one deceased) appointed by the PCA in Beijing as in full ecclesial communion with Rome, even though they were appointed with flagrant disregard for the Vatican and, in some cases, had been previously excommunicated.While the agreement is a step toward repairing the rift within the Chinese Church, it has left Catholics who have long fought for the underground Church in China feeling subverted and betrayed. Pope Francis has admitted that the agreement will not necessarily end the suffering of Chinese Catholics. The pope has also lamented “the suffering for those who don’t understand, or who have so many years behind them of living clandestinely.” Catholics such as Cardinal Zen who have long encouraged opposition to the PCA suddenly find the Vatican itself seeking common ground with the organization.Unity of believers is a worthy and principal goal, but proper form and the authority of the Church should not be sacrificed in achieving it. Zen decried the agreement before and after it was signed, seeing it as an attempt by the Church to ingratiate itself with China’s ruling party rather than defend true believers. Zen rightly notes of Vatican officials that “if today they go along with the regime, tomorrow our Church will not be welcome for the rebuilding of the new China.”Zen discusses myriad examples of the incompetence that plagues the Church. One is that Pietro Parolin, the secretary of state appointed by Francis, has allowed the Catholic commission for the Church in China to lapse, no longer facilitating its meetings. Zen also mentions that Father Federico Lombardi, the former director of the Press Office of the Holy See, allowed himself to be interviewed by Phoenix Television, one of the few private television networks officially permitted by Hong Kong’s government. Zen suggests that Phoenix is not a neutral outlet. The channel has come under criticism in recent years for the government influence in its programming. In 2016, the channel suspended airing of several popular political-commentary shows because of “ideological mistakes” by the hosts.Zen also tells of Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, who at a Vatican symposium on organ transplants invited as a guest of honor Dr. Huang Jiefu, China’s former deputy health minister. Huang has publicly taken credit for a decade-long reform effort in the Chinese medical community. In 2005, as vice health minister, he admitted that over 90 percent of the transplant organs in China were harvested from executed prisoners, but he promised reform of the medical system.His high rhetoric notwithstanding, Huang did not seem to effect much change. In June 2016, the U.S. Congress unanimously condemned China’s "state-sanctioned forced organ harvesting," in a resolution alleging that the Chinese Communist Party was continuing the practice in secret and that it was killing “non-consenting prisoners of conscience,” including religious and ethnic minorities.Zen is a dedicated, orthodox Catholic and he indicates no disobedience to the pope by his criticisms. In his last lecture, Zen says, “I will never lead a rebellion against the Pope” if he signs an agreement with the Chinese government. “I will quietly withdraw to the monastic life of prayer and penance.” But a weak and feckless Church that is not willing to fight brazenly for the truth will not inspire many future witnesses like Zen. A Church that does not devote itself to its own teachings is an empty institution.Zen does not leave us without hope for the Church, or for the Church in China. He is our hope. He is the voice crying out in the desert, refusing to be satisfied with half-truths or cowardly deference. Like Christians in other countries hostile to Christianity, Zen in his unwavering dedication to God is an example and testament to all Christians.Zen concedes that there is true belief in both the underground and the official state Church in China. “We came to realize that our categories were too sharply divisive,” he says, “when in reality there were so many healthy forces.”He does not hesitate to point out the failure of the Church to communicate adequately with Chinese Catholics. In 2007, Pope Benedict wrote a letter intended to provide clarity to the Church in China. The letter was meant to be ready by Easter, Zen says, but the final copy was not published until the end of June. Moreover, the final Chinese copy had mistakes and sentences mistranslated. “What a shame that a letter addressed precisely to the people of China had so many errors in the Chinese translation,” Zen laments.In the last of his eight lectures, given on June 28, 2017, Zen, compares being a Catholic in China to living in a cage. He says that the provisional agreement between China and the pope, which was not yet signed at the time of his writing, will further stifle Chinese Catholics in their ability to worship: “To us, a terrifying scenario is unfolding, the sellout of the Church! Not reconstituted unity, but a forced cohabitation in the cage. From the point of view of the faith, we cannot see any gain.”If Catholics have learned anything from the recent crimes propagated in the Church, it should be that there is no mercy without justice. Passivity and capitulation among clerics in the face of injustice or persecution should not be tolerated; and no government or institution, including the tangled bureaucracy of the Catholic hierarchy, is above reproach.These criticisms of the Church’s entreaties to China come not from an aggrieved anti-cleric but from a cardinal in good standing. Zen’s lectures are not a condemnation of authority but rather a call for the Church to act as a strong authority and an uncompromising garrison of virtue. Clerics should not shy away from their commitment to Christian teaching. They should be fortified by it.Hope for Catholicism in China lies in the hands of Cardinal Zen and those who, like him, are willing to defend the faith even without strong support from the Vatican. The Church on Earth will be preserved not by equivocations and incompetent bureaucracy but by the Church Militant. Zen reminds us that it is the Catholics who are steadfast in their devotion to the sacraments and doctrine who will preserve the Church, and that nothing less than martyrdom, be it red or white, is the seed of the Church.

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The Latest: UK food retailers warn of price hikes, shortages

The Latest: UK food retailers warn of price hikes, shortagesLONDON (AP) — The Latest on Britain's plans to leave the European Union (all times local):

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Hulu dropped the price of its standard plan right after Netflix raised its prices

Hulu dropped the price of its standard plan right after Netflix raised its pricesIn what is either an incredibly timely coincidence or an intentional act of aggression, Hulu announced on Wednesday that it is cutting the price of its standard plan down from $ 7.99 to $ 5.99 on February 26th. Hulu has previously lowered the price of this plan, but always as part of a temporary promotion. This appears to be permanent. The "No Ads" plan will remain at its current price of $ 11.99, as will the $ 12.99 Hulu/Spotify combo plan.

Hulu's announcement comes just days after Netflix unveiled the biggest price increase in the history of the streaming service. Netflix's popular standard plan (HD video and two streams at once) jumped from $ 10.99 to $ 12.99, while the basic plan was bumped up by a dollar and the premium plan increased by two dollars.

Netflix and Hulu, despite the fact that both have invested a significant amount into original programming, are markedly different services. That said, seeing the price of the standard plan on one increase while the other goes down may be enough to convince a few new subscribers to take a chance on the cheaper service.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news for Hulu subscribers, as the Hulu + Live TV plan is actually going to be subjected to a price hike as well. Starting on February 26th, the live TV plan (which also includes 85,000+ episodes of television and thousands of films on demand) will rise from $ 39.99 to $ 44.99. A $ 5 increase is nothing to sneeze at, but it is worth noting that no other live TV service can offer the same on demand library as Hulu.

As a peace offering of sorts for live TV customers, Hulu is also dropping the price of the Enhanced Cloud DVR add-on (which bumps cloud storage up to 200 hours from 50 hours) and the Unlimited Screens add-on from $ 14.99 to $ 9.99, respectively. It's not much, but it should balance out the price hike for some live TV subscribers

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Dow Jones industrial average drops as trade fight, oil price and recession worries mount

Dow Jones industrial average drops as trade fight, oil price and recession worries mountInvestors hoping for stability after the Dow Jones industrial average's nearly 800-point fall Tuesday, instead saw the stock gauge plunge further.

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GM Stock Price Shoots Up On Announcement Of Thousands Of Job Cuts

GM Stock Price Shoots Up On Announcement Of Thousands Of Job CutsThe news out of Detroit Monday offered a stark reminder that the fortunes of

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Twitter Erupts Over Donald Trump's Low Oil Price 'Thank You' To Saudi Arabia

Twitter Erupts Over Donald Trump's Low Oil Price 'Thank You' To Saudi ArabiaPresident Donald Trump sparked an immediate backlash on Twitter early

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Saudi says to cut oil output as producers discuss price dip

Saudi says to cut oil output as producers discuss price dipSaudi Arabia, the world’s top crude exporter, said Sunday it will cut oil output from next month, as major producers held a key meeting to discuss shoring up sliding prices. Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih announced the kingdom was cutting its supplies by 500,000 barrels per day from December. Oil prices have shed a fifth of their value in just one month after surging to a four-year high in early October, driven by a combination of factors centred on higher supply and fears of sluggish demand.

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