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What did Hope Hicks lie about? Newsroom readers have thoughts

What did Hope Hicks lie about? Newsroom readers have thoughts“She tells Trump how great he is.” “Does Hicks realize that she is not a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’?” Hope Hicks resigned one day after reports claimed she told “white lies” for President Trump, but it’s unclear what about. Newsroom readers have some theories.

During a closed-door testimony, White House communications director Hope Hicks reportedly admitted her job has sometimes required her to tell “white lies” on the president’s behalf. The admission has sparked questions and concern. Newsroom commenters believe: “Lies are lies” no matter how big or small. Others think that “anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously … cannot be trusted.”

According to reports, Hicks insisted she didn’t lie about the investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

What do you think Hicks lied about? Should “white lies” get a pass? Join the conversation in Newsroom.

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Is Ivanka Trump unqualified? Newsroom readers respond

Is Ivanka Trump unqualified? Newsroom readers respond“Ivanka and Jared must return to NYC and stay out of U.S. politics.” “She’s qualified, she’s designed handbags, stilettos and a wonderful perfume fragrance, Ugh!” Newsroom readers are joining the chorus questioning if Ivanka Trump has too much power.

The first daughter and adviser to dad President Trump recently traveled to the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the latest eyebrow-raising appearance as part of her controversial post. Pundits and the public have long questioned her role and influence, but now White House chief of staff John Kelly is also said to be concerned. This week he made the call to downgrade the security clearance of Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner. According to a report, Kelly is frustrated and questioning whether the first daughter has the qualifications to represent the administration. Newsroom seems to agree: “We have children playing king and queen while poppa plays President,” one reader wrote. Another chimed in: “To represent the U.S. should be an earned honor, not appointing relatives.”

What do you think? Does Ivanka deserve her power in the White House? Join the conversation in Newsroom.

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Couple’s sexless marriage is ‘weird, weird, weird’ says Yahoo Newsroom

Couple’s sexless marriage is ‘weird, weird, weird’ says Yahoo Newsroom“People can do what they want. But the marriage is a joke.” “Huh? Am I missing something here?” Two friends of Tiffany Trump’s are in the spotlight after exchanging “unconditional, unconventional” vows for a sexless marriage. The story jumped to the “top-trending” category on Yahoo Newsroom, sparking thousands of skeptical comments.
New York socialites Quentin Esme Brown and Peter Cary Peterson tied the knot in Las Vegas (where first daughter Tiffany served as flower girl). On social media, the best friends turned husband and wife made clear that theirs will be a sexless, open marriage. Brown explained on Instagram, “Peter and I are not romantically involved — in fact we are still dating others and will continue to seek love in all forms — we are just each other’s hearts and wish to begin our journey towards evolution.” Their nontraditional relationship status raised one question over and over in the Yahoo comments: Why bother? One especially suspicious reader guessed that it’s a “business partnership and fraud.”
What do you think of a sexless marriage? Join the conversation in Yahoo Newsroom.

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House of horrors for 13 siblings: Yahoo Newsroom reacts

House of horrors for 13 siblings: Yahoo Newsroom reacts“No punishment in the world will make up for the damage done to these children.” “This sounds like something out of a horror movie.” The chilling details of 13 siblings who suffered alleged torture in their home and the news of their parents’ arrest have rattled Yahoo Newsroom and the world.
An investigation is underway after 13 siblings — ages 2 to 29 — were allegedly held captive in their Perris, Calif. home by parents David Allen and Louisa Anna Turpin. According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, some were "shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks," malnourished and abused. One of the siblings, a 17-year-old girl so frail that officials say she looked 10 years old, escaped to lead authorities to a home where they were discovered living in foul-smelling conditions. Among the many questions, some perhaps never to be answered: How could this go undetected for so long? One reader writes, “This is why we need nosey neighbors, people paying attention to their neighborhood.”
What is your reaction, what are your questions about the story? Join the conversation in Yahoo Newsroom.

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Al Franken resigns: Yahoo Newsroom readers' strong reactions

Al Franken resigns: Yahoo Newsroom readers' strong reactions“What kind of fool blames others for his own failure?” “A disgraced unfunny democrat…a perfect resume for SNL and/or Colbert!” Al Franken announced Thursday that in the “coming weeks” he would be resigning from the Senate. Yahoo Newsroom readers couldn’t wait to weigh in, sharing their strong reactions.

Franken’s resignation comes on the heels of a series of allegations from women accusing him of sexual harassment and misconduct. He has argued that not all the allegations are true, and he believes an ethics committee investigation would find him innocent. Franken said Thursday, “This decision is not about me. It is about the people of Minnesota.”
What do you think? Did Franken do the right thing? Is he setting an example? Who will fall next? Join the conversation in Yahoo Newsroom.

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Houston TV station forced to evacuate as Harvey waters flood the newsroom

Houston TV station forced to evacuate as Harvey waters flood the newsroomAs Hurricane Harvey continues to dump staggering amounts of rain over Houston, KHOU-TV, 11 News, one of the city's local TV news broadcasting stations, was forced to evacuate as flood waters surged in. SEE ALSO: Historic, catastrophic flooding underway in Houston from Tropical Storm Harvey The staff first evacuated to the second floor after flood water poured in during a live broadcast. Water coming into studio at #KHOU11… We are moving upstairs. pic.twitter.com/MMEljNatw7 — Doug Delony (@DougDelonyKHOU) August 27, 2017 #KHOU11 flooding. Water 4 feet deep in the parking lot. First floor flooded. We've evacuated to 2nd floor. @GaughanSurfing pic.twitter.com/puwpzqgDB8 — Blake Mathews (@KHOUBlake11) August 27, 2017 But soon, even with floodgates set up around the building, water started gushing into the newsroom. At that point, station staff made the decision to evacuate instead. Water pouring in the front door of channel 11 on Sunday morning. #khou11 #Houston pic.twitter.com/X5kDrCpdXN — The Bishop (@BillBishopKHOU) August 27, 2017 I can only think of Saving Private Ryan. The last man standing blows the bridge before the Nazis take it. The code word is Alamo. #khou — The Bishop (@BillBishopKHOU) August 27, 2017 Alamo. We are evacuating KHOU. #khou #HouNews — The Bishop (@BillBishopKHOU) August 27, 2017 This wasn't the station's first brush with a tropical storm, either. KHOU was also forced to evacuate the building during Tropical Storm Allison in 2001. That prior storm — which Harvey could end up eclipsing — left 41 dead and caused around $ 9 billion dollars in property damages by the time it was over.  This latest evacuation went smoothly for KHOU, at least. Everyone got out of the building, and the station is now off the air. The @KHOU building has been evacuated and the station is now off the air. #HurricaneHarvey — Jerome Solomon (@JeromeSolomon) August 27, 2017 Khou pic.twitter.com/pRpB0lgZxP — SN0WBLACK_THE_ORACLE (@sportsmediaLM) August 27, 2017 In case, you still haven't realized the severity of this storm, here's a photo of a traffic camera — usually placed at the same height as a street light — nearly submerged in downtown Houston. This is insane this is a traffic camera at the height of the street lights almost underwater in #Houston. #Flood #Harvey pic.twitter.com/45s3NGUUjF — Brad Panovich (@wxbrad) August 27, 2017 This image and the forecast of what is still to fall…. This is surreal. #HoustonFlood #Harvey pic.twitter.com/zK9WojsMAH — Matthew Sitkowski (@MattSitkowski) August 27, 2017 WATCH: Hurricane Harvey is intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico

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