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Column: The U.S. wants to air-drop poison on Farallon Islands mice. Not everybody hates the idea

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Study in mice raises hopes for birth control pill for men

CHICAGO (Reuters) – U.S. researchers have stumbled on a compound that may finally lead to a birth control pill for men. In lab experiments, male mice given the pill were rendered completely infertile during treatment as they produced fewer and less mobile sperm. The drug, originally tested as part of a broader cancer research project, does not affect the hormone system or sex drive, the team said on Thursday. “There is no effect on the mouse’s mojo. The animals exhibit the normal sexual behaviors and frequency of copulation,” said Dr. …
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Breast Milk Blocks HIV Transmission in Mice, Study Finds

Women with HIV are often told  by health care providers to refrain from breastfeeding  for fear their breast milk will transmit the virus to their infants. But a new study released Thursday in the journal PLoS Pathogens suggests breast milk may kill the virus and protect…
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