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Mysterious 'Fast Radio Burst' Traced Back to Its Home Galaxy for First Time Ever

Mysterious 'Fast Radio Burst' Traced Back to Its Home Galaxy for First Time EverThree and a half billion years ago, a mysterious object on the edge of a distant galaxy spewed forth an intensely bright, vanishingly brief burst of radio energy that shot across the universe.That pulse of energy — known to its fans in the astronomy community as a fast radio burst (FRB) — passed through a wilderness of gas, dust and empty space on its multi-billion-year journey, slowly stretching and changing color as it moved. Then, for less than a millisecond in 2018, that burst zapped past a special telescope in Earth's Australian outback, giving scientists a rare opportunity to shake hands with one of the most mysterious forms of energy in the universe.It's the first time that astronomers have successfully tracked a one-off FRB back to its origins across space and time, according to the authors of a study published today (June 27) in the journal Science. Understanding where FRBs come from allows scientists to probe the vast tracts of matter between their host galaxies and Earth, and maybe even locate undiscovered pockets of protons and neutrons thought to be lurking between galaxies.[The 12 Strangest Objects in the Universe]"These bursts are altered by the matter they encounter in space," study co-author Jean-Pierre Macquart, a researcher at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) said in a statement. "Now we can pinpoint where they come from, we can use them to measure the amount of matter in intergalactic space." Antennas of CSIRO’s Australian SKA Pathfinder with the Milky Way overhead. Alex Cherney/CSIRO Bursting onto the sceneSince the phenomenon was discovered in 2007, astronomers have observed about 85 FRBs and pinpointed the origins of only one other — a repeating flash that pulsed 9 times from a tiny, star-forming galaxy over about six months in 2016. Pinpointing the source of a one-off FRB, which can last for a fraction of a millisecond, has proved exceedingly difficult, until now.In their new study, the researchers detected the lone FRB using an array of 36 satellites called the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope. When an FRB passes the array, each satellite picks up the burst's signal a fraction of a millisecond apart. Using these subtle time differences, the researchers were able to figure out which direction the burst came from, and approximately how far it traveled.The ASKAP observations pointed to a Milky-Way-size galaxy about 3.6 billion light-years away from Earth. With some help from several other large telescopes around the world, the researchers zoomed in on this galaxy to learn that it was relatively old and not forming many new stars.According Adam Deller, an astrophysicist at Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and co-author of the new study, the properties of this distant galaxy sit in stark contrast to the galaxy that created a repeating fast-radio burst that was detected in 2016."The burst we localized and its host galaxy look nothing like the 'repeater' and its host," Deller said in the statement. "It comes from a massive galaxy that is forming relatively few stars. This suggests that fast radio bursts can be produced in a variety of environments."While the repeating FRB detected a few years ago was likely created by a neutron star or supernova explosion (common engines of star formation in active galaxies), this individual burst could have been caused by something else entirely, the researchers wrote.What else, exactly? Nobody knows yet — but radioactive belches from supermassive black holes or the engines of alien spacecraft have not been ruled out. Only by pinpointing more FRBs will researchers be able to unravel this cosmic mystery. Fortunately, the authors of the new study wrote, now that they've got one under their belt, finding the next one should be a little easier. * 15 Amazing Images of Stars * 9 Strange, Scientific Excuses for Why Humans Haven't Found Aliens … * The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in PhysicsOriginally published on Live Science.

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Galaxy Note 10 leak reveals a futuristic feature you won’t find on any iPhone

Galaxy Note 10 leak reveals a futuristic feature you won’t find on any iPhoneThe Galaxy Note 10, now expected to launch on August 7th, is hardly a secret anymore. We've seen plenty of leaks that have confirmed the phone's design and even the sky-high price tag has been outed. The Note 10 will come in two sizes, both featuring the same Infinity-O display that will have curved edges with tiny top and bottom bezels. In many ways, the Galaxy Note 10 will be similar to the Galaxy S10 when it comes to specs, but an insider now claims the phone will have a futuristic feature that no other popular smartphone has — not even the iPhone. If this rumor is accurate, it will give Samsung an advantage over almost all competitors out there when it comes to design.Ice Universe, a reliable Samsung leaker, explained on Twitter that the Note 10 will have bezels as narrow as the iPhone, and that's possible thanks to a new display innovation: Sound on Display (SoD) tech.https://twitter.com/UniverseIce/status/1141244216992866304Instead of having to place a speaker at the top of the phone, Samsung can turn the screen itself into a speaker. This tech has been in the making for quite a while, and Samsung is one of the two companies that can pull it off. The other one is LG, which launched its LG V8 ThinQ earlier this year, the world's first phone with SoD tech. LG, however, hasn't been able to match Samsung for a long time when it comes to flagship smartphone sales.The Galaxy S10 still features a speaker at the top. It's almost invisible, but it's there. SoD screens will allow Samsung and every other company that sources OLED screens from Samsung Display to further reduce the size of their top bezels.The iPhone 11, meanwhile, isn't expected to drop the front-facing speaker anytime soon, and certainly not this year on the iPhone 11. Apple is rumored to stick with the same iPhone X notch design for at least one more generation of handsets, which means the front speaker isn't going anywhere for the time being. Google's Pixel 4, one other highly anticipated handset of the second half of 2019, will also have a speaker at the top, right in the middle of a pretty thick top bezel.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might already have a new release date – and that’s awful news

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold might already have a new release date – and that’s awful newsSamsung's Galaxy Fold launch is now nothing short of an unmitigated disaster. Who could have seen this coming… 7 months ago? The last thing a company wants to do when it's about to release a first-of-its-kind product is give consumers any doubt that it's a high-quality product. Well, Samsung went far beyond giving consumers a bit of doubt — it showed us in the clearest possible light that the Galaxy Fold is a piece of junk. We have now lost count of how many Galaxy Fold review units broke shortly after being sent to bloggers to review, but suffice it to say the figure is painfully high. It was so high, in fact, that Samsung decided to cancel the phone's release this Friday so it can investigate the issues that have been causing the Galaxy Fold's display to break. That's right, we said "issues," as in plural. It's not just one problem that has been causing the screens to malfunction, it's several.The biggest problem appears to be the fact that the phone's foldable OLED screen has a thin plastic layer on top with exposed edges, so it looks like a screen protector you would find pre-applied on many Android phones. It's not a screen protector though, and if you pull it off the display will break. You read that correctly: this is a $ 2,000 phone with an exposed display layer that peels right off. But the displays on some review units broke even with that top layer intact, so Samsung clearly has some work to do before the Galaxy Fold can see the light of day again. As it turns out, however, the Galaxy Fold might already have a new release date… and that could be very bad news for anyone who plans to buy one.With the Galaxy Fold release date having been scheduled for this Friday, April 26th, Samsung has undoubtedly manufactured quite a few handsets at this point. Our guess is the figure is well into the hundreds of thousands. On top of that, many of those phones have likely already been shipped to Samsung's various partners in launch markets around the world. Now, we know that all those phones are junk, but we still don't know exactly why. Neither does Samsung, since the company is still in the process of collecting all the broken review units and investigating potential causes of the various different failures we saw.And yet despite the fact that Samsung doesn't yet know why its Galaxy Fold phones were breaking, the company may already have shared an updated release date with partners. If true, Samsung is putting the cart ahead of the horse and we have little to no confidence that the company is truly doing everything in its power to fix the phone's problems ahead of release.https://twitter.com/mighty_droid/status/1120820338965630976As you can see in the tweet embedded above, AT&T has been sending emails to customers who had pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold to let them know it will not ship on time. That is obviously a good thing. What's not so good, however, is the fact that there is already a revised ship date in that email: June 13th. How can AT&T tell customers when their orders will ship if Samsung doesn't even know what it has to do in order to fix all the Galaxy Fold units that have already been built?Either AT&T pulled a random date out of thin air and decided to share that fake ship date with its customers, or Samsung as already supplied an updated release date (which appears to be Friday, June 14th) with its partners. If the latter is the case, it will have done this without knowing for certain that it can fix the Galaxy Fold's problems and have the modified units shipped back to partners in time for the phone's new release.It's crazy to think that Samsung rushed out a product that it has been working on for many years at this point, but that's exactly what happened — and now it looks like it might be happening again. The company already has a horrible track record with first-generation products, as we've said time and time again. This is doubly true when it doesn't have a similar product from Apple that it can copy. Just look at how terrible the company's smartphones were before Samsung decided to copy the iPhone pixel by pixel. In fact, rumor has it that Samsung rushed out the Galaxy Fold before it was ready in an effort to prove that it can innovate and release exciting new products without copying Apple. Oops.The Galaxy Fold is a brand new device in a brand new category. It's poised to be the first widely available smartphone in the world with a foldable display. If this AT&T email is legitimate and Samsung already has a new release date despite not yet knowing what it'll have to do to fix the phone's poor design and shoddy construction, the Galaxy Fold is also poised to still be a piece of junk when it hits store shelves in June.

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Samsung is delaying its Galaxy Fold launch so people don’t end up with $2,000 paperweights

Samsung is delaying its Galaxy Fold launch so people don’t end up with $  2,000 paperweightsSamsung's foldable smartphone has been making lots of headlines over the past week, and for all the wrong reasons. After several prominent technology blogs revealed that their review units broke within days (and sometimes hours) of use, it quickly became clear that the nearly $ 2,000 phone isn't ready for prime time just yet. Now, a new report from The Wall Street Journal suggests Samsung is poised to delay the phone's launch for at least another month.The outlet cites unnamed sources within Samsung who claim that the high-profile device failures have forced the company to rethink its launch plans. Most of the reviews have been decidedly lukewarm, especially when considering the phone's incredibly high price point, and very few reviewers are recommending that anyone even consider taking the leap.One particular point of emphasis is on the device's built-in screen protector that is not designed to be removed, but which several early reviewers attempted to pull off anyway. Many smartphones come with a removable layer of film on the display which is typically removed within seconds of opening the box. The Fold is different, and the plastic layer is apparently a vital component of the display.Some of the journalists who spoke openly about their broken devices admitted that they removed that plastic without knowing what it was, while others claim they never touched it but that their phone screens died within days anyway.Samsung devotees have been quick to rush to the company's defense, noting that this is a low-production device and essentially a first-run attempt at an entirely new type of smartphone. That's true, but it's also $ 2,000 and probably shouldn't die within two days. It's clear that Samsung will need to do something to mitigate the number of device failures within days of launch.This report of a planned launch delay comes just hours after Samsung began cancelling launch events in China and elsewhere, citing issues with the venues rather than a problem with the device or a delay that may be in the works. Samsung has yet to confirm the delay, and sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal did not reveal a potential alternative launch date.

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Trump's Call For A 'Space Force' Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The Galaxy

Trump's Call For A 'Space Force' Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The GalaxyPresident Donald Trump thinks the United States should launch a "Space Force,"

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Returns To Old Strategy; Confirmed By CEO?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Returns To Old Strategy; Confirmed By CEO?The Galaxy Note 8 will release in the August timeframe, according to Samsung CEO, DJ Koh.

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2 key ways Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition is better than the original Note 7

2 key ways Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition is better than the original Note 7

Samsung on Monday finally took the wraps off its revived Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. As we reported earlier this morning, the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition will be released on July 7th in South Korea. 400,000 units will be made available initially, and the company has not yet announced if or when it will release the new phone in additional markets. "New" is perhaps not the proper word to describe the Galaxy Note FE, since the phone is actually a refurbished and updated version of last year's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

What are the big differences between the update Galaxy Note Fan Edition and the original Note 7? We'll tell you in this post?

Plenty of Samsung's biggest fans were upset on Monday morning when they learned that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition would be exclusive to South Korea at launch. We had a feeling that would be the case, of course, but many people apparently still hoped there would be a broader release.

The good news is that you're probably not missing much. The Note 7 was a fantastic phone but we're now less than two months away from the next-generation Galaxy Note 8's unveiling. While the Note FE appears to be a solid phone, it's a bit pricey at around $ 600 for a refurbished device. The new Note 8 is expected to offer a wide range of benefits over last year's model, even in its newly refurbished state.

Speaking of refurbishing, people seem to be wondering exactly what's different about the Galaxy Note Fan Edition compared to the original Galaxy Note 7. There are a few differences, but two in particular stand out the most.

First, the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition won't explode. Well, it probably won't explode, at least. Samsung pulled out the oversized batteries it stuffed into its original Note 7 models and replaced them with smaller 3,200 mAh batteries. Samsung's attempt to squeeze too much capacity into the original Note 7 is what caused the battery's defects, which led to the explosions several users experienced in 2016.

Beyond that, the second biggest difference between the Galaxy Note Fan Edition and the Galaxy Note 7 is the addition of Bixby. Samsung's virtual personal assistant competes directly with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. It's still crippled in the United States and other markets, but in South Korea it supports all of the nifty features Samsung announced when it first debuted Bixby on the Galaxy S8.

Long story short, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a solid phone and avid fans will jump at the opportunity to buy one. In markets outside South Korea where the phone is not available, however, people can rest assured that they aren't missing too much — especially with the Galaxy Note 8 right around the corner.

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Samsung confirms launch of refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung confirms launch of refurbished Galaxy Note 7sSamsung Electronics said Sunday it would start selling a refurbished version of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone this week after an embarrassing recall over exploding batteries rocked the tech giant last year. The recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 devices cost the world’s largest smartphone maker billions of dollars in lost profits and hammered its global reputation. The refurbished device, made of recalled, unsealed Note 7 handsets and unused components are outfitted with new batteries, Samsung said in a statement.

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Galaxy Note 8 Close-Up Look Is Very Revealing

Galaxy Note 8 Close-Up Look Is Very RevealingSamsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 looks like it will take some design cues from the Galaxy S8, and that’s a good thing. An image appeared on China’s Weibo on Wednesday (June 14), showing what appears to be the top panel to a Samsung handset. The leaker said that that the panel is actually from a Galaxy Note 8, and features a 6.7mm thick bezel, along with a front-facing camera, earpiece, and iris scanner.

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New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new features

New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new featuresA fresh Galaxy Note 8 leak reveals more details about Samsung’s next-gen phablet, and while the source’s credibility is yet to be established, these tidbits certainly sound exciting.

PoyocoTech is the name of a new Twitter account that deals in the “latest leaks and renders of upcoming tech gadgets,” and we have no way of knowing what kind of leaker this user really is. Does the person have access to real sources, or is he or she simply repurposing content found on forums, chats, and social networks from China, passing off said content as his or her own original leaks? After all, this seems to be a trend right now.

Time will tell whether PoyocoTech is a real thing or a just a pretender, but the Twitter user did post a quite a few Galaxy Note 8 details worth going over.


The user says the Galaxy Note 8 will have the same overall design as the Galaxy S8, complete with a large Infinity display. PoyocoTech also repeats some of the rumors that we have already heard about the Galaxy Note 8. The device will have a fingerprint sensor under the display, and a dual lens camera on the back.

The leaker adds that Samsung will “attempt to perfect” the design by going for uniformly aligned ports on the bottom.


The rear camera should be based on the Galaxy Note 3’s camera in terms of layout, and the phone will come with stereo speaker pumping out AKG sound.


The Bixby button is getting a textured surface, while the S Pen will be similar to the Note 7’s stylus.



Finally, the S Pen is said to have a built-in vibration motor, and it’ll come with support for Find My Mobile. If you misplace it, you should be able to locate it with the help of the app, assuming these leaks are accurate.

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