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Trump's Call For A 'Space Force' Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The Galaxy

Trump's Call For A 'Space Force' Makes Him The Laughingstock Of The GalaxyPresident Donald Trump thinks the United States should launch a "Space Force,"

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Returns To Old Strategy; Confirmed By CEO?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Returns To Old Strategy; Confirmed By CEO?The Galaxy Note 8 will release in the August timeframe, according to Samsung CEO, DJ Koh.

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2 key ways Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition is better than the original Note 7

2 key ways Samsung’s Galaxy Note Fan Edition is better than the original Note 7

Samsung on Monday finally took the wraps off its revived Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. As we reported earlier this morning, the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition will be released on July 7th in South Korea. 400,000 units will be made available initially, and the company has not yet announced if or when it will release the new phone in additional markets. "New" is perhaps not the proper word to describe the Galaxy Note FE, since the phone is actually a refurbished and updated version of last year's ill-fated Galaxy Note 7.

What are the big differences between the update Galaxy Note Fan Edition and the original Note 7? We'll tell you in this post?

Plenty of Samsung's biggest fans were upset on Monday morning when they learned that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition would be exclusive to South Korea at launch. We had a feeling that would be the case, of course, but many people apparently still hoped there would be a broader release.

The good news is that you're probably not missing much. The Note 7 was a fantastic phone but we're now less than two months away from the next-generation Galaxy Note 8's unveiling. While the Note FE appears to be a solid phone, it's a bit pricey at around $ 600 for a refurbished device. The new Note 8 is expected to offer a wide range of benefits over last year's model, even in its newly refurbished state.

Speaking of refurbishing, people seem to be wondering exactly what's different about the Galaxy Note Fan Edition compared to the original Galaxy Note 7. There are a few differences, but two in particular stand out the most.

First, the new Galaxy Note Fan Edition won't explode. Well, it probably won't explode, at least. Samsung pulled out the oversized batteries it stuffed into its original Note 7 models and replaced them with smaller 3,200 mAh batteries. Samsung's attempt to squeeze too much capacity into the original Note 7 is what caused the battery's defects, which led to the explosions several users experienced in 2016.

Beyond that, the second biggest difference between the Galaxy Note Fan Edition and the Galaxy Note 7 is the addition of Bixby. Samsung's virtual personal assistant competes directly with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. It's still crippled in the United States and other markets, but in South Korea it supports all of the nifty features Samsung announced when it first debuted Bixby on the Galaxy S8.

Long story short, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is a solid phone and avid fans will jump at the opportunity to buy one. In markets outside South Korea where the phone is not available, however, people can rest assured that they aren't missing too much — especially with the Galaxy Note 8 right around the corner.

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Samsung confirms launch of refurbished Galaxy Note 7s

Samsung confirms launch of refurbished Galaxy Note 7sSamsung Electronics said Sunday it would start selling a refurbished version of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone this week after an embarrassing recall over exploding batteries rocked the tech giant last year. The recall of millions of Galaxy Note 7 devices cost the world’s largest smartphone maker billions of dollars in lost profits and hammered its global reputation. The refurbished device, made of recalled, unsealed Note 7 handsets and unused components are outfitted with new batteries, Samsung said in a statement.

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Galaxy Note 8 Close-Up Look Is Very Revealing

Galaxy Note 8 Close-Up Look Is Very RevealingSamsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 8 looks like it will take some design cues from the Galaxy S8, and that’s a good thing. An image appeared on China’s Weibo on Wednesday (June 14), showing what appears to be the top panel to a Samsung handset. The leaker said that that the panel is actually from a Galaxy Note 8, and features a 6.7mm thick bezel, along with a front-facing camera, earpiece, and iris scanner.

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New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new features

New Galaxy Note 8 leak may reveal several exciting new featuresA fresh Galaxy Note 8 leak reveals more details about Samsung’s next-gen phablet, and while the source’s credibility is yet to be established, these tidbits certainly sound exciting.

PoyocoTech is the name of a new Twitter account that deals in the “latest leaks and renders of upcoming tech gadgets,” and we have no way of knowing what kind of leaker this user really is. Does the person have access to real sources, or is he or she simply repurposing content found on forums, chats, and social networks from China, passing off said content as his or her own original leaks? After all, this seems to be a trend right now.

Time will tell whether PoyocoTech is a real thing or a just a pretender, but the Twitter user did post a quite a few Galaxy Note 8 details worth going over.


The user says the Galaxy Note 8 will have the same overall design as the Galaxy S8, complete with a large Infinity display. PoyocoTech also repeats some of the rumors that we have already heard about the Galaxy Note 8. The device will have a fingerprint sensor under the display, and a dual lens camera on the back.

The leaker adds that Samsung will “attempt to perfect” the design by going for uniformly aligned ports on the bottom.


The rear camera should be based on the Galaxy Note 3’s camera in terms of layout, and the phone will come with stereo speaker pumping out AKG sound.


The Bixby button is getting a textured surface, while the S Pen will be similar to the Note 7’s stylus.



Finally, the S Pen is said to have a built-in vibration motor, and it’ll come with support for Find My Mobile. If you misplace it, you should be able to locate it with the help of the app, assuming these leaks are accurate.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with borderless display could land by summer's end

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with borderless display could land by summer's endSpecialist website Galaxy Club reports that Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the eagerly awaited Galaxy Note 8, is currently being tested ahead of official unveiling later this year at the IFA tech fair in Berlin, September 1-6, 2017. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (not to be confused with the brand’s former tablet of the same name) is apparently being tested with Android 7.1.1 (Nougat), rather than a beta version of Android 8. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be getting a borderless Infinity display in spectacular 6.3-inch or 6.4-inch formats, each with the same aspect ratio (18.5:9) and resolution (QHD).

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Disney's Guardians Of The Galaxy Menu Is Epic

Disney's Guardians Of The Galaxy Menu Is EpicSummer plans right here.

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After two weeks with the Galaxy S8, I still think the iPhone 7 Plus is the world’s best phone

After two weeks with the Galaxy S8, I still think the iPhone 7 Plus is the world’s best phone

It's funny how months of leaks and rumors can paint what appears to be a complete picture of an upcoming smartphone. But then, once the device is finally announced, a different picture forms. All of the components and details that leak never quite seem to accurately portray the finished product, and this was exactly the case with Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Months of leaks and rumors left precious few surprises when Samsung finally unveiled its new flagship phones last month, yet we were all still completely blown away.

If you've read my in-depth Galaxy S8 review, then you know just how impressed I am with these new phones. And if you bought one yourself over the weekend, you've now experienced firsthand what the future of smartphone design feels like. But as incredible as Samsung's new design is, and as impressive as its hardware has become, I still can't call the Galaxy S8 the world's best smartphone.

As I explained in my review, the Galaxy S8 is vastly superior to Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in terms of hardware design. Vastly. Samsung's curved edges on the front and back combined with incredibly narrow bezels result in a design that really looks and feels like the future of smartphones. As I also explained in a separate article, going back to my iPhone 7 Plus after using the Galaxy S8 feels like going back to an old tube TV after having used a flat-screen TV.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 looks better than the iPhone. It feels better than the iPhone. The display is much, much better than the screens on Apple's iPhones. But overall, it's still not the better device.

Now, I'm not suggesting that the Galaxy S8's beauty is only skin deep. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are by far the smoothest and most powerful Android phones the world has ever seen. What's more, Samsung's latest version of TouchWiz (now called Samsung Experience) is its best yet, and Samsung's own Android apps have improved as well on Android 7.0 Nougat. But still, Nougat is no iOS and the Galaxy S8 is no iPhone.

Now that I've been using the Galaxy S8+ for nearly two weeks, I can safely say Apple's iPhone 7 Plus is still the best smartphone on the planet. While the Galaxy S8+ beats (nay, destroys) the iPhone 7 Plus where design and display quality are concerned, the phone's meaningful advantages end there, for the most part.

Here are five key areas where the iPhone 7 Plus still has the edge:

  1. Software is important, and iOS is still better and smoother than Android. Even with Samsung's new and improved Samsung Experience, the iPhone still has a clear advantage. Samsung Connect is also a nice start, but Apple's Continuity features are miles ahead of Samsung in terms of carrying the user experience across devices and platforms. Some might argue that software is the most important thing on a smartphone, and Apple has a huge edge here.
  2. Apps are important, and iOS apps are still better and smoother than Android apps. Perhaps it's Google's loose third-party developer guidelines, or perhaps the company's developer tools aren't on par with Apple's. Whatever the case, the Android app experience remains terribly inconsistent, and iOS versions of apps are always more refined and simpler, even when the same app is available on both platforms.
  3. Performance is important, and the iPhone 7 Plus still outperforms the Galaxy S8+. Take one look at this real-world performance test and you'll see that Android still can't keep up with iOS, even when it's being propelled by next-generation processors like the Snapdragon 835.
  4. Battery life is important, and there's still nothing else out there that can touch the iPhone 7 Plus. I wasn't able to get a good feel for the Galaxy S8+'s battery life for my review since Samsung sent my review unit late, but I've now spent more time with the phone. It'll carry most people through a full day, but Apple's phablet outlasts the S8+ by a healthy margin.
  5. Customer care is important, and there isn't a consumer electronics company in the world that can even approach Apple in this key area. The company continues to invest heavily in after-sales service, and that investment will always pay off big time. Samsung has gotten better and its on-device customer service feature is a nice addition, but it's still nothing like dealing with Apple support.

Many people are tied to Android and Google's ecosystem, which is perfectly fine. For these people, the Galaxy S8 is as good as it gets. Google's services are the best in the world, and they're free. While most Google products are available on iOS these days, they'll never be as deeply integrated on the iPhone as they are on Android phones. But if you want the best overall user experience from top to bottom, there's only one place to turn. Samsung's Galaxy S8 is impressive, but the reigning king hasn't yet been dethroned.

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Behold: This Galaxy Note 8 blows the Galaxy S8 out of the water

Behold: This Galaxy Note 8 blows the Galaxy S8 out of the water

Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were finally released this past Friday, and it seems like the phones are already well on their way to becoming a smash hit. The South Korean electronics giant announced Monday morning that combined Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders out-sold Samsung's previous-generation Galaxy S7 and S7 edge by 30%. As a quick reminder, the S7 and S7 edge were Samsung's best-selling phones ever.

If you picked up a new Galaxy S8 on Friday or over the weekend, rest assured that you now hold the most stunning smartphones that have ever existed. They're also two of the most powerful smartphones that have ever existed. In fact, there's almost nothing on Earth that could possibly give you buyer's remorse. Almost nothing…

When an early adopter buys a new flagship iPhone, he or she knows that there will be a full year to wait (and save up money) before an even better new flagship iPhone launches. In Samsung's case, however, there's a much shorter buffer in between flagship releases.

In the first half of each year, Samsung updates its Galaxy S lineup. The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are the company's flagship smartphones for the first half of 2017 and as you read in our Galaxy S8 review, they're incredible. Then, in the second half of 2017, Samsung will update its Note line with the all-new Galaxy Note 8.

If the Note 8 looks anything like this, Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners should prepare to be very, very jealous.

Graphic designer Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully teamed up with YouTube channel DBS Designing to completely reimagine Samsung's Galaxy Note series using design cues from the Galaxy S8 along with rumors we've heard so far. The results, as you can see, are absolutely stunning.

Unlike most concept smartphones we see out there, this Galaxy Note 8 is actually rooted in reality. It likely doesn't look exactly like the Note 8 Samsung will release later this year, but we're willing to bet that it's close. Hopefully Samsung sticks with the precedent set by the Galaxy S8, however, and ditches that distracting logo from the front of the phone.

As for specs, Auckburaully stays well within the realm of reality by sticking with the rumors we've heard so far. The Note 8 should feature a huge 6.4-inch QHD+ display and a screen-to-body ratio that's even better than the 83% ratio on the Galaxy S8. Other expected specs include 6GB of RAM, 64GB or 128GB of storage, microSDXC support, a new dual-lens rear camera setup, an iris scanner, and a huge 4,000 mAh battery that hopefully doesn't explode.

More images of Auckburaully's Galaxy Note 8 design can be seen on his Behance page, and a video featuring the design is embedded below.


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