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Cancer in Europe: more cases but fewer deaths

Cancer in Europe: more cases but fewer deathsThe number of cancer cases has continued to rise across Europe, however mortality rates from the disease have fallen, according to the World Health Organization’s “European Health Report”, published Wednesday. Some 2.4 percent of people living in the 53 countries constituting the WHO’s “Europe region” had cancer in 2014, a 50 percent increase since 2000, although the figure conceals significant disparities in cancer type and region. In the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, the prevalence of cancer is twice as high at five percent, while it is only 1.8 percent in the 10 post-Soviet states that comprise the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), which includes Belarus, Georgia and Russia.

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Aeromexico crash: Stronger planes can mean fewer fatalities

Aeromexico crash: Stronger planes can mean fewer fatalitiesPassengers in plane crashes like the Aeromexico accident — in which no one died — have better chances of survival due to better aircraft construction and safety standards, experts say.

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Fewer Catholics Of All Ages Are Attending Mass, Gallup Study Finds

Fewer Catholics Of All Ages Are Attending Mass, Gallup Study FindsWeekly church attendance by American Catholics continues its decadeslong

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Grand Canyon crash that killed Britons happened on tribal land with fewer aviation regulations

Grand Canyon crash that killed Britons happened on tribal land with fewer aviation regulationsInvestigators are continuing to probe what caused a helicopter to plunge into the Grand Canyon as it emerged that the crash happened on tribal land where air tours are not as highly regulated as those inside the national park itself. Three British tourists died when the helicopter went down on Saturday. They were in Las Vegas to celebrate a birthday and took a helicopter sightseeing tour on the Hualapai reservation. Becky Dobson, 27, her boyfriend Stuart Hill, 30, and his brother, Jason Hill, 32-year-old lawyer died. Three friends and the pilot are in hospital where investigators want to interview them about what went wrong. Unlike the national park, air tours on the Hualapai reservation are not subject to federal regulations that restrict routes, impose curfews and cap the amount of flights over the Grand Canyon each year. The Federal Aviation Administration granted the Hualapai Tribe an exemption 18 years ago after finding that the regulations would harm the tribe's economy where tourism is a major driver. Most of the flights over the reservation originate from Las Vegas, and air tour operators aggressively market them. The pilots can fly between canyon walls and land at the bottom next to the Colorado River on the reservation, which isn't allowed at the park other than for emergency operations. Quartermaster Canyon locator The National Transportation Safety board says it can't say with any certainty yet what caused Saturday's crash. Gary Robb, an attorney who has represented crash victims for almost 40 years, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal it may take investigators as long as nine months to establish the cause of Saturday’s crash. “It’s too early to speculate, but early indications suggest that perhaps heavy gusts could have been a factor that drove the aircraft to strike a wall of the canyon,” he said. “The other possibility is some sort of in-flight mechanical issue, including an engine problem or main rotor blade fracture or defect. Stuart Hill and Becky Dobson died when a helicopter crashed in the Grand Canyon on Saturday Credit: facebook “You also cannot rule out human error, whether it be some sort of pilot incapacitation or neglect.” Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters said it is co-operating with the investigation and that it abides by flight safety rules and regulations that exceed those required by the Federal Aviation Administration. Saturday’s crash was its fourth fatal accident in the past 20 years, claiming eight lives.

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With Fewer Than 50 Left On Earth, Asiatic Cheetahs Are Fast Sprinting Toward Extinction

With Fewer Than 50 Left On Earth, Asiatic Cheetahs Are Fast Sprinting Toward ExtinctionThe Asiatic cheetah could be headed one step closer to extinction after critical U.N. funding earmarked to protect the world’s “second-rarest cat” will dry up this later this month.

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CBO: Senate health bill leads to 22 million fewer insured Americans by 2026

CBO: Senate health bill leads to 22 million fewer insured Americans by 2026The Senate health care bill would cause 22 million more people to be uninsured by 2026 than under current law, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office announced Monday.

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Stricter gun laws tied to fewer fatal police shootings

Stricter gun laws tied to fewer fatal police shootingsBy Lisa Rapaport U.S. states with tighter restrictions on the purchase and use of guns and ammunitions may have fewer fatal police shootings than places with more permissive firearm policies, a recent study suggests. The U.S. has more citizen-owned firearms than any other country in the world, but also some of the most relaxed gun laws, researchers note in the American Journal of Public Health. For the current study, researchers examined data on citizens fatally shot by police or other law enforcement agencies to see how state laws on things like background checks for gun purchases, restrictions on carrying guns in public places and enhanced child and consumer safety policies might influence the odds of fatal police shootings.

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California has fewer arrests, but not necessarily less crime

California has fewer arrests, but not necessarily less crimeLOS ANGELES (AP) — The number of arrests by police in California has plunged in recent years, but that doesn't necessarily represent good news on crime, according to an analysis published Saturday.

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China approves fewer GMO crop imports, hampering trade: U.S. industry group

China approves fewer GMO crop imports, hampering trade: U.S. industry groupBy Dominique Patton BEIJING (Reuters) – China is approving fewer new biotech crops for import than before, hampering the launch of new products globally and hurting trade, an American industry group said on Tuesday. China does not permit the planting of any genetically modified varieties of staple food crops amid deep-seated consumer opposition. The number of annual approvals has fallen to just one last year, down from three in previous years, according to China’s agriculture ministry.

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42% Fewer U.S. Women Are Dying of Breast Cancer

In the latest analysis of worldwide data from the World Health Organization, researchers led by Cecile Pizot from the International Research institute in Lyon, France, found that in 39 of the 47 countries studied, breast cancer death rates have declined from the 1980s to 2013. The report was presented at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium of the American Association for Cancer Research. In the U.S., for example, mortality dropped by 42% in that time. Encouragingly, mortality dropped more dramatically for women under age 50, but it’s not clear whether screening or treatments, or a combination of both, are responsible.

While it may make sense to assume that screening with mammography is contributing to early detection of cancer among younger women, Pizot notes that both New Zealand and Belgium had similar breast cancer mortality rates in the 1980s, and experienced similar declines in deaths. That’s despite the fact that New Zealand introduced widespread mammography screening in 1988 and Belgium didn’t do so until 2005. “The decline in mortality was the same irrespective of the introduction of mammography,” she says. “So our hypothesis is that screening mammography is not responsible for the decline in mortality.”

Other factors, including use of certain drug or other cancer treatments, may be at work. Pizot says that different health care systems, and differing strategies for managing cancer are also important to consider.

Equally significant are lifestyle factors that have also been implicated in breast cancer risk—things such as dietexercise and environmental exposure to potential cancer-causing agents including chemicals found in plastics or other products of everyday living. That may be a major reason for the rising death rates among women in South Korea, for example, which saw an 83% increase mortality rate during the study period. That higher rate could be attributed to the western lifestyle that’s been adopted in the country in recent decades, with the introduction of new environmental, dietary and industrial exposures that weren’t present before in the country’s largely pre-industrial, agricultural society.

While Pizot’s study does not delve into the reason for the discrepancies, the data suggest new areas of research and countries where scientists can focus their attention to better understand the most effective ways of lowering breast cancer deaths.


This article originally appeared on Time.com.

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