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Republican health bill: latest draft would scrap contraception mandate

Republican health bill: latest draft would scrap contraception mandateThe latest version of the US Senate’s bill to repeal major portions of the Affordable Care Act would eliminate the so-called birth control mandate, handing a long-sought victory to conservative activists who have spent years assailing the regulation. The mandate is one of the most controversial benefits of the Obama administration’s enforcement of the ACA.

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U.S. states mull contraception coverage as Obamacare repeal looms

The 2010 law, popularly called Obamacare, requires most health insurance plans to provide coverage for birth control without a patient co-payment, which can be as much as $ 50 per month for birth control pills or $ 1,000 for long-acting contraceptives such as intrauterine devices. California, Maryland, Vermont and Illinois since 2014 have enacted statutes codifying the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate in state law and expanding on the federal law’s requirements.
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Seeking halal contraception in Kenya’s Muslim northeast

A group of Kenyan women listen during a course at the local maternity facility on what Islam allows and does not allow in terms of family planning, and on the benefits of family planning at a village in north-eastern Wajir CountySwaddled in colourful hijabs the women exchange puzzled looks and suppress embarrassed giggles. "You're sure it's halal?" asks one, peering at a collection of birth control pills, condoms and IUDs. Such everyday forms of contraception are little known and rarely seen in Kenya's arid and neglected northeast, an overwhelmingly poor, conservative and Muslim part of the country where most people are pastoralist ethnic Somalis.

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Hormonal contraception tied to increased depression risk

By Andrew M. Seaman (Reuters Health) – Hormonal contraception, including birth control pills or implants, may increase a woman’s odds of depression and antidepressant medication use, according to a large study of Danish women. Based on data about prescription drug use for more than 1 million women, researchers found that those who started using hormonal contraception were significantly more likely to subsequently get a first-time prescription for antidepressant medication, compared to women not on hormonal contraception. For adolescent girls, starting on hormonal contraception was tied to an even greater increased risk of antidepressant use.
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U.S. top court sidesteps major ruling on Obamacare contraception coverage

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ducked a major ruling on a challenge by Christian nonprofit employers to an Obamacare mandate to provide female workers health insurance covering birth control by sending the cases back to lower courts for further proceedings.
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U.S. top court seeks more information in contraception insurance case

People line up to visit U.S. Supreme Court after split 4-4 decision in first major case after Scalia death in WashingtonBy Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday asked both sides for new information in a challenge by Christian nonprofit employers to a mandate under President Barack Obama's healthcare law to provide insurance to female workers covering birth control, indicating the justices are struggling to decide the closely watched case. The court's order requested more information on how contraceptive coverage can be obtained "in a way that does not require any involvement" by these employers, who object to the requirement on religious grounds. The Supreme Court suggested that one way to resolve the case would be for insurance companies to have the job of notifying employers about the availability of contraception coverage if their religious employer does not provide it.

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Supreme Court faces 4-4 split in Obamacare contraception case

Nuns speak to each other before Zubik v. Burwell is heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in WashingtonBy Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday headed toward a possible 4-4 split over a legal challenge by Christian nonprofit employers who object to providing workers insurance covering birth control as required by President Barack Obama's healthcare law. An evenly split ruling, with the court's four liberals siding with the Obama administration against the four conservative justices, would leave in place lower-court rulings rejecting challenges brought by the Christian organizations that opposed providing contraception coverage for religious reasons. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who often casts the deciding vote in close cases, appeared more aligned with the court's three other conservatives in favoring the challengers, which primarily were Roman Catholic including the archdiocese of Washington.

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Pope’s contraception comments: evolution or revolution?

Pope Francis has hinted that the Vatican could relax its ban on contraception in response to the Zika virusPope Francis's hint that the Vatican could relax its ban on contraception in response to the Zika virus was hailed as a shift in Church thinking Friday – but not everyone was convinced it amounts to meaningful change. "Pope Francis signals openness to birth control for Zika," read a headline on the Boston Globe's Vatican-watching website www.cruxnow.com that reflected much media coverage around the world. Commentators however cautioned against reading too much into Francis's off-the-cuff comments and a pro-choice lobby within the Church said they amounted to "little or no change".

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Catholic group urges pope to allow contraception to fight Zika

A gust of wind blows away Pope Francis' skullcap during his weekly general audience in Saint Peter's Square at the VaticanBy Philip Pullella VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – A Roman Catholic group appealed to Pope Francis on Wednesday to allow Church members to "follow their conscience" and use contraception or to let women have abortions to protect themselves against the Zika virus. The appeal came as the World Health Organization (WHO) advised women in areas with the virus to protect themselves, especially during pregnancy, by covering up against mosquitoes and practising safe sex with their partners. Zika has been linked to severe birth defects in thousands of babies in Brazil and is spreading rapidly in the Americas.

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Want more sex? Try using contraception, researchers say

By Ana P. Santos BALI, Indonesia (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – If you’re looking to boost your sex life, birth control may be the answer, health experts say. A study by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health showed that couples who use contraception have as much as three times more sex than couples who do not. “Contraception is a tool that can separate sex from pregnancy.
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