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Joe Biden's eye fills with blood during climate town hall

Joe Biden's eye fills with blood during climate town hallFox News medical correspondent Dr. Marc Siegel on concerns over Biden's health.

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She was raped 36 years ago. Blood on her clothes finally led police to a suspect.

She was raped 36 years ago. Blood on her clothes finally led police to a suspect.More than three decades ago, a man broke into a Coral Springs woman’s home and raped her. Police weren’t able to figure out who did it for 36 years.

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From victory to vengeance: Trump scents blood in 2020 fight

From victory to vengeance: Trump scents blood in 2020 fightThe president celebrated the Mueller report – but then his latest effort to invalidate Obamacare left some feeling he ‘stepped all over that message’Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on 28 March. Photograph: Cory Morse/APIt felt like a victory lap. At a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Thursday night, surrounded by a sea of red Make America Great Again hats, a defiant Donald Trump held the podium before a raucous crowd.“After three years of lies and smears and slander, the Russia hoax is finally dead,” the president declared in a 90-minute speech.Basking after the conclusion of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which clouded the first two years of his presidency, Trump falsely claimed “total exoneration”.He vowed retaliation against some of his sharpest critics and suggested consequences for the media were in order. He spoke of doing away with Barack Obama’s healthcare law. And he threatened to shut down the US-Mexico border as early as next week.It was a stark reminder of how Trump views his executive authority and a glimpse of his looming fight for re-election.> He is much more likely to be re-elected today than he seemed at the end of last week> > Michael Steel“He is much more likely to be re-elected today than he seemed at the end of last week,” said Michael Steel, a Republican operative who was an aide to former House speaker John Boehner. “I think that Democratic oversight activities will continue, but this definitely took the wind out of their sails.”However, Trump’s legal perils are far from over. According to a short letter to Congress by attorney general William Barr, the special counsel’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election did not clear Trump of wrongdoing. Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice, specifically stating that his report “does not exonerate” the president.Mueller did not find a criminal conspiracy between Trump aides and Moscow, which the president said supported his longstanding claim of “no collusion”. Left unclear was what the special counsel had to say of repeated contacts between Trump associates and Russian nationals, and lies to prosecutors about such communications.On Friday, Barr said that by mid-April he would make public a redacted version of the Mueller report, which is nearly 400 pages long. The attorney general faced criticism after drawing his own conclusion, in his letter to Congress, that Mueller did not have sufficient evidence to charge Trump with obstruction of justice.In a second letter released on Friday, Barr said his initial assessment was not intended to be a summary of the Mueller report and that the American public “would soon be able to read it on their own”.Trump nonetheless seized on Barr’s rendering of the Mueller report.“There are a lot of people out there that have done some very, very evil things, some bad things, I would say some treasonous things against our country,” Trump told reporters last Sunday. “And hopefully people that have done such harm to our country – we’ve gone through a period of really bad things happening – those people will certainly be looked at. I’ve been looking at them for a long time.”On Fox News, Trump’s most prominent boosters chimed in.“This must be a day of reckoning for the media, for the deep state, for people who abuse power, and they did it so blatantly in this country,” said Sean Hannity, who ranks among Trump’s closest allies.> It could be a reset but it’s not going to be, because the president is congenially incapable of resetting> > Rick Tyler“If we do not get this right, if we do not hold these people accountable, I promise you, with all the love I can muster for this country and our future for our kids and grandkids, we will lose the greatest country God has ever given man. We will lose it.”Initial polls showed little change in public perception of the Mueller investigation or potential wrongdoing by Trump.A CNN survey found nearly 60% of Americans believed Congress should continue to investigate, while 56% said they did not believe Trump had been exonerated of collusion, even though Barr’s letter said the special counsel could not establish a criminal conspiracy. Perhaps most tellingly, 86% said the findings would not affect their vote in 2020.“The political divide is virtually the same,” said Rick Tyler, a former aide to Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign. “If you didn’t like Trump before, you don’t like him anymore now. If you like Trump, you still like him.”“It could be a reset but it’s not going to be, because the president is congenially incapable of resetting.” ‘The party of healthcare’Indeed, in the immediate wake of what some called the best week of his presidency, Trump returned to the impulsive style of governing that has prompted disorder and left his own party flatfooted.In a major shift, the administration announced on Wednesday it would back a legal effort to fully invalidate the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly known as Obamacare, a move that would threaten healthcare coverage for millions of Americans, an issue which proved central to November’s midterm elections, in which Democrats regained the House.At his Michigan rally Trump renewed his call to toss out the ACA, insisting Republicans would come to be known as the ‘party of healthcare’. Photograph: Paul Sancya/APTrump’s move came over the objections of Barr and Alex Azar, his health secretary. The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, reportedly told Trump the move made no sense, given Republicans do not have a plan to replace the ACA and would be unable to move legislation.“Members feel like [the Mueller report announcement] was great and Trump stepped all over that message with the Obamacare lawsuit announcement,” a House GOP aide told Axios.Tyler said: “While I can argue lots of different structures that would be better than Obamacare, that would be like overthrowing a foreign government with no replacement government. The result would be chaos.”Undaunted, at his Michigan rally Trump renewed his call to toss out the ACA, insisting Republicans would come to be known as the “party of healthcare”. And he didn’t stop there.Trump also vowed to shut down the Mexico border “next week”, a move that would do significant damage to the US economy. Mexico is a vital trading partner but Trump complained it was not doing enough to stop illegal immigration.Trump received familiar support from Fox. But other Republicans warned Trump not to jeopardize an otherwise positive moment.“I think it’s a good thing for America that a detailed and thorough investigation concluded that the president of the United States is not a witting or unwitting agent of a foreign power,” said Steel.“I do think there’s some danger that in the hubris of his response, the president makes mistakes.”• This article was amended on 1 April 2019. Due to an editing error, Michael Steel’s family name was misspelled as Steele in a pullquote.

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Severe turbulence leaves 30 passengers injured on Turkish Airlines flight to New York: ‘I saw blood all over’

Severe turbulence leaves 30 passengers injured on Turkish Airlines flight to New York: ‘I saw blood all over’Severe turbulence left 30 people injured and many passengers fearing for their lives on a flight from Istanbul to New York. Dozens of ambulances were called to New York’s John F Kennedy international airport after those on board the Turkish Airlines flight were tossed around the plane cabin during the unanticipated episode around 45 minutes before landing. Passengers said the turbulence was not announced and some people were not wearing their seatbelts at the time.

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What was that small flash of light during the super blood wolf moon?

What was that small flash of light during the super blood wolf moon?"A rock" hit the moon Sunday night and only a few people noticed it. It was a meteorite.

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The Moon was hit by a meteorite while you were staring at the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ eclipse

The Moon was hit by a meteorite while you were staring at the ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ eclipseSkywatchers had plenty to be excited about this past weekend thanks to a lunar eclipse that was visible from the Americas as well as parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. It got the nickname "Super Blood Wolf Moon" thanks to a combination of labels that may or may not have much meaning, but it was an undeniably cool sight nonetheless.

As it turns out, the eclipse was even more special than most observers had noticed, as the Moon was actually struck by a meteorite while everyone was gazing in wonder at its rusty appearance. A new video from astronomer Jose Madiedo, using imagery gathered by the MIDAS impact survey effort, shows the exact moment of impact.


In the video you can clearly see a tiny dot flash in the upper left corner of the Moon sphere, appearing for only a fraction of a second before being shrouded in darkness. Some observers who were watching live coverage of the eclipse spotted the brief flash, debating what might have caused it.

The MIDAS survey is a Moon-watching that scours video of its surface in the hopes of detecting the tiny flashes associated with meteorite impacts. In this case, MIDAS scored a home run, and it was the first time the system was able to spot an impact during a total lunar eclipse.

"In total I spent almost two days without sleeping, including the monitoring time during the eclipse," Madiedo explained to Gizmodo. "I was exhausted when the eclipse ended–but when the automatic detection software notified me of a bright flash, I jumped out of my chair. It was a very exciting moment because I knew such a thing had never been recorded before."

The meteorite itself wasn't terribly large, and is estimated to have only been around 22 pounds. Still, its impact was large enough to be spotted by observers as well as the automated MIDAS system, and that's pretty cool.

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Total lunar eclipse 2019: 'Super blood wolf moon appears over the UK'

Total lunar eclipse 2019: 'Super blood wolf moon appears over the UK'Skygazers in parts of the UK lucky enough to be under clear skies have been treated to the astronomical spectacle of a "super blood wolf moon". The rare phenomenon, caused in part by a lunar eclipse, makes the surface of the moon appear a reddish hue while seeming brighter and closer to earth than normal. Catching a glimpse of the curiously-titled event will be down to luck for those wrapping up and heading out early, as many parts of the country were covered by cloud on Monday morning. Met Office forecaster Mark Wilson said: "There's a lot cloud around, but there are some breaks to enjoy the lunar eclipse as well. "Across lots of central England and northern England there's quite a lot of lower cloud around, but there are still some breaks in cloud particularly over south-east England and parts of south-west England as well. "It's kind of a mixed bag – further towards the north there's more in the way of cloud as well affecting parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland, so probably not great visibility up there unfortunately." Super Wolf Blood Moon: The total lunar eclipse, in pictures from around the world A super blood wolf moon occurs when as a blood moon and supermoon occur simultaneously and was best seen from the UK at around 5.10am – providing clouds did not obstruct the view. The optimum viewing time was at around 5.12am when the eclipse was at its peak. A plane passes as the moon rises through clouds before start of total lunar eclipse in California Credit:  MIKE BLAKE/Reuters Astronomers are particularly interested in this year's blood moon as it is the last of its kind for two years. "We're going into this unusual lull in total lunar eclipses over the next couple of years," explained Tom Kerss, an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich. "So this is a really good one to catch as it's going to be a long time before you catch another one like this, we will have other lunar eclipses, we just won't have anything quite as spectacular until May 2021."  Blood moons and lunar eclipses of the past Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer, created fear in 1504 after he used knowledge of an upcoming blood moon to convince the Arawak Indians to help him while stranded in Jamaica.  He led them to believe their lack of support would anger God and result in a blood moon in the sky. When the moon began to "bleed", the Arawak Indians were fooled into giving Columbus and his crew food. In more recent years, the total lunar eclipse of July 16, 2000 - which was seen in the Pacific Ocean, eastern Asia and Australia – was one of the longest to ever be recorded, lasting 1 hour 46 minutes.  The last lunar eclipse took place on July 27, 2018; and the totality spanned across 1 hour 43 minutes, marking the longest eclipse of the 21st century. Blood moon myths and tales From religious theories to modern day conspiracies, there are a range of myths and tales linked to the concept of a blood moon. Some Christian conspiracists consider a blood moon to be an apocalyptic sign from the heavens while the Inca thought it represented an attack by a cosmic jaguar.  The Hupa, a Native American tribe from northern California, believed the moon had 20 wives and numerous pets including lions and snakes. When the moon didn't give them enough food to eat, they attacked it, consequently making it bleed. The Batammaliba people in Togo and Benin, Africa, believe a lunar eclipse represents a fight between the sun and the moon, which humans must learn from in terms of their own arguments. Other astronomical events in 2019 The Quadrantid meteor shower reached its maximum rate of activity on January 4, with shooting stars appearing in the sky each night up until January 6. A conjunction of Venus and Jupiter will appear in the east sky before sunrise on January 22, showing the two bright planets 2.4 degrees from each other. The Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower will be seen in dark locations after midnight on May 7, while Saturn will shine the brightest on July 9, this year, as reaches its closest approach to Earth. Plus an annular solar eclipse will take place on December 26, starting in Saudi Arabia and concluding in the Pacific Ocean, with a ring of light appearing around the moon. Lunar eclipse pics

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U.S. eclipse watchers howl at Blood Wolf Moon but bitter cold cancels other festivities

U.S. eclipse watchers howl at Blood Wolf Moon but bitter cold cancels other festivitiesAs you can see, it’s a party atmosphere and everyone is just enjoying the spectacle,” said Rosalind Von Wendt from Los Angeles. More than 1,500 people gathered at the observatory near the city’s famous Hollywood sign to watch the eclipse. Icy roadways rather than cloudy skies were blamed by astronomers for spoiling the festivities.

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Lunar eclipse 2019: ‘Blood Moon’ on Monday will be the last eclipse to be seen in Britain for 10 years

Lunar eclipse 2019: ‘Blood Moon’ on Monday will be the last eclipse to be seen in Britain for 10 yearsThe Moon will turn red tomorrow as Britain experiences its last total lunar eclipse for 10 years. The eclipse will happen in the early morning of Monday January 21 when the Moon start to darken at 2.35am with full eclipse beginning at 4.40am. It will be free of the Earth’s shadow by 7.49am. It  is the last chance for UK observers to see a total lunar eclipse in its entirety until 2029. A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes exactly between the Sun and the Moon creating a shadow which stops solar rays reaching the lunar surface. Spectators can expect the Moon to begin to darken slowly before turning red as it becomes completely caught in Earth’s shade. Sometimes the eclipsed Moon is a deep red colour, almost disappearing from view, and sometimes it can be quite bright. Next weeks Super Blood Wolf Moon will be the last for a decade  Credit: Chris J Ratcliffe January’s full Moon is also known as a ‘wolf moon’, a name deriving from Native American Tribes who said wolves would howl outside villages during full moons at the beginning of the year. And the eclipse will occur when the Moon is at its closest point to Earth – making it a supermoon, so it will appear 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter. In Britain the Moon will be above the horizon throughout the eclipse, though from the extreme southeast of England the Sun will have risen as it comes to an end. The red effect is due to Earth’s atmosphere. Without an atmosphere the Moon would appear black or even totally invisible when it was within Earth’s shadow. But because Earth’s atmosphere extends about 50 miles up, during a total eclipse, although the Moon is in shadow, there is a ring around our planet through which the Sun’s rays still pass. Unlike the other wavelengths the Sun's red light is scattered much less by air allowing it to travel through the atmosphere where other colours are lost. Finally it is bent by a process of refraction as it leaves the atmosphere on the opposite side, channelling it on to the Moon’s surface. Lunar eclipses always happen at a full Moon as this is when it moves behind the Earth and into line with the Earth and Sun but most of the time no eclipse takes place because the e Moon's orbit is slightly tilted so it normally passes a little above or below the Earth’s shadow.

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Why this Sunday's total lunar eclipse is called the 'super blood wolf moon'

Why this Sunday's total lunar eclipse is called the 'super blood wolf moon'The moon will turn red over the United States on Sunday night during the last total lunar eclipse of the decade.

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