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Nest Cam Captures Bald Eagle and Chicks' Understandable Shock During California Earthquake

Nest Cam Captures Bald Eagle and Chicks' Understandable Shock During California EarthquakeThe Santa Cruz Island eagles were about as shocked as any of us would have been.

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Mom with Breast Cancer and Daughter with Alopecia Pose Bald Together in Emotional Photo Shoot

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This article originally appeared on People.com.

Kristi Tavenner and her 7-year-old daughter Rose have a special message: “Bald is beautiful.”

Tavenner, who has breast cancer, and Rose, who has alopecia, proudly showed off their looks in a sweet mother-daughter photo shoot recently, in a display that quickly went viral.

“Both of these gorgeous ladies are bald for different reasons,” Kellie, of Kellie Rose Photography, wrote of the women in a post on the Love What Matters Facebook page. “Rose began going out fully bald when all her hair fell out a few years ago.”

She adds: “It was beautiful to hear from Kristi about how Rose helped her to be brave when she began to lose her hair during chemotherapy treatments.”

In the shots, Tavenner and little Rose are shown smiling and laughing as they embrace each other in the photos. Both wore earrings and floor-length gowns.

“They are two of the most beautiful people I’ve met, inside and out,” Kellie added. “They are here to show everyone that BALD IS BEAUTIFUL!”

Tavenner was diagnosed with breast cancer in April.

“Kristi and I had become good friends in the past year, and after she found out that she was going to have to undergo chemotherapy treatments after her full mastectomy, we were just talking about how she felt about losing her hair,” Kellie tells PEOPLE.

“While she felt understandably a little scared about it, she also felt like it might be a special way to bond and relate to her daughter who has alopecia”

It seems Tavenner has long drawn on her daughter’s strength. In an April Facebook post, the doting mother wrote that Rose lost all her hair in 2016 — “She hasn’t let this disease slow her down and will only grow stronger,” she wrote.

“Thanksgiving 2015 I noticed 2 bald spots the size of a quarter on the back of her head,” Tavenner continued. “In 4 months she went from full head of gorgeous hair to completely bald … In the end, our beautiful Rose still shines like a star and loves to the fullest.”

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Joan Lunden: Bald and Beautiful on the Cover of People Magazine

Joan Lunden isn’t backing down from breast cancer. In fact, she’s bravely baring it all with her bald and beautiful cover and accompanying interview in People magazine.

The beloved former Good Morning America co-host announced her diagnosis of stage 2 triple-negative breast cancer during cancer-diagnosis-24278137″ target=”_blank”>a sit-down with Robin Roberts earlier this summer.

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It was Roberts (herself a two-time cancer survivor) who inspired Lunden to take the plunge and shave her head. “Robin Roberts told me waiting for your hair to fall out is excruciating. I didn’t want to wait,” Lunden told People.

The decision to appear bald on the cover of a national magazine was a little bit harder, she admits: ”I had to make this big decision about whether or not to do the cover with no hair. It certainly isn’t the comfortable way to go, but I decided I was going to try and help others and show women that this isn’t the end of the world,” Lunden says. “You can go on – and that was hugely empowering.”

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In the interview, which hits newsstands on Oct. 6, Lunden discusses something familiar to anyone who’s dealt with a cancer crisis: making agonizing treatment decisions.

“You go to three oncologists, and they all tell you to treat it in a different way. That’s a really scary position to be put in. It can paralyze someone,” she told the mag.

To find out what she decided to do, how her family (including second husband  Jeff Konigberg and seven children) is coping and what’s keeping her inspired, hit the newsstand for the full story and follow Lunden along on her blog.

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