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Photos of thousands of people who got naked on iconic Bondi Beach for a nude shoot to raise skin cancer awareness

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‘Did You Just Forget … All Those Black People We Shipped Over?’: Mississippi Governor Confuses Many When He Declares April Both Confederate Heritage Month and Genocide Awareness Month

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Man who spent 19 years in a coma before regaining awareness dies at 57

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Giant puppet of Syrian girl raises awareness for refugees

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Native Americans transporting 5,000-pound totem pole across country for sacred land awareness

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Victor the eagle's bird's eye view of the Alps raises climate change awareness

Victor the eagle's bird's eye view of the Alps raises climate change awarenessVictor, a nine-year old white-tailed eagle, set off this week on a mission to raise awareness of climate change in the Alps, which have already been hard hit by the rise in global temperatures. Equipped with a 360-degree camera mounted on his back, Victor soared above Mont Blanc and was set to take in five countries in five days, filming some of the world’s most spectacular scenery. Victor is part of the Alpine Eagle Race project, which aims to raise awareness of melting glaciers and other effects of global warming through the combined eyes of the eagle, a photographer and a scientist.

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Native American 2020 candidate aims to raise awareness of indigenous peoples

Native American 2020 candidate aims to raise awareness of indigenous peoplesMark Charles knows his bid is a long shot but hopes to shed light on the historic abuse of Native Americans and other ethnicitiesMark Charles speaks on 20 August 2019 in Sioux City, Iowa. Photograph: Stephen Maturen/Getty ImagesIn a video launching his presidential campaign, Mark Charles, hair tied in a tsiiyéeł, a Native American hair knot, introduces himself in the Navajo language.“Yá’ át’ ééh. Mark Charles yinishyé,” Charles says.“Tsin bikee dine’é nishłí. Dóó tó’aheedlíinii bá shíshchíín. Tsin bikee’ dine’é dashicheii. Dóó tódích’ íi’ nii dashinálí.”Roughly translated, Charles is explaining that his father was Navajo and his mother Dutch American. What doesn’t need explaining is that if Charles were elected in November 2020, he would become the first Native American president of the United States.It’s an extremely long-shot bid. But Charles is also aiming to use his campaign to raise awareness of the historic, and continuing, abuse of Native Americans and other ethnicities, hopefully resulting in an improved constitution that he believes would better reflect the modern-day US.“Do we want to be a nation where we the people actually means all the people?” Charles says.“Because if we do, then we have some foundational level work to do.”Native American people living on reservations, Charles says, have always been overlooked by politicians. The territory of the Navajo Nation covers 27,000 square miles alone – enough to make it the 48th largest state in the US. Despite that, Charles says, the territory of 350,000 people is rarely visited by politicians running for president.Charles is determined to change that with his campaign. He held his first campaign event on the Navajo Nation, at a chapter house – a communal meeting place – near Fort Defiance, north-east Arizona. His second event was at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and another at the Denver Indian Center.“Almost every state I go to I want my first contact to be with the indigenous nations, the indigenous peoples of that state,” Charles said.“I really want to connect with them again because I’m coming on to their land to campaign and I want them to know me and to understand who I am and, and why, why I’m there.”Charles believes he is the best person to lead the country as a whole, but he is also running with some ideas that would specifically help Native Americans, African Americans and other people of color. On the stump he talks a lot about creating a “common memory” – educating people on the atrocities committed in the past and the challenges different races face.Independent presidential candidate Mark Charles speaks on 20 August 2019 in Sioux City, Iowa. Photograph: Stephen Maturen/Getty ImagesAt the center of Charles’s platform is the establishment of a “truth and conciliation commission”, which would work towards creating that memory. His idea is modeled on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up in South Africa, after the end of apartheid.“I don’t call ours truth and reconciliation because reconciliation implies a previous harmony, and if you know our history you know that’s not true.”In South Africa the Truth and Reconciliation committee hearings, which allowed both victims and perpetrators to explain their experiences, were broadcast live, in what has been described as the “gold standard” for how a divided society might deal with a violent past. Charles believes his committee could eventually lead to an at least partial rewriting of the US constitution.Charles said he had the idea for “that type of conversation years ago”.“But I did not know the best way to bring that proposal to the nation. And after observing several presidential campaigns, I realized every four years we have a dialogue about who we are and where we’re going: our presidential campaign cycle.“So I felt like this is an important enough of a proposal that it actually could very well be the center of a presidential campaign. So one of my motivations in running for president is to raise this issue of truth and conciliation to the national level.”Charles grew up in New Mexico, and went to university in California, before spending 11 years living in the Navajo Nation, which is spread across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico.Three of those years were spent on a remote sheep camp, where Charles and his young family lived in a one-room hogan, a traditional Navajo house, which had a dirt floor, no running water, no electricity and was six miles from the nearest paved road.Charles isn’t the first Native American to run for the White House. Russell Means, an activist from the Lakota tribe who died in 2012, ran for the Libertarian party nomination ahead of the 1988 election, but came second to the Texas congressman Ron Paul.In 2018 there was a breakthrough for Native American women in particular, when Sharice Davids, from Kansas, and Deb Haaland, from New Mexico, became the first Native American women to be elected to Congress. Both Davids and Haaland are Democrats. Charles says he has voted for both Democrats and Republicans in the past, but believes his best chance for office is to eschew both parties.“I don’t want people to think that becauseI’m running as an independent I’m not a serious candidate,” Charles said. He believes he would not clinch the Democratic or Republican nomination – aside from anything else, he isn’t a member of either party – but he plans to be on the ballot in all 50 states, and is committed to running all the way through to November.“If our country does not begin creating this common memory, and does not make a decision on whether we want to be a place where we the people means all the people,” Charles said, “We’re going to continue to face these deep racial divides that we’ve had in our country since its founding.”

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Prince Philip 'could be sent on driving awareness course' as police investigate crash

Prince Philip 'could be sent on driving awareness course' as police investigate crashThe Duke of Edinburgh could be sent on a drivers’ awareness course, it has emerged, as police continue to investigate a crash which left two women hospitalised. The Duke, 97, is understood to have no intention of giving up driving, having been photographed on public roads driving a new car less than 48 hours after the accident. He is understood to be complying with a Norfolk Police investigation, which will see him interviewed about what happened. Two women, aged 45 and 28, will also be asked for their recollections of the accident, after their Kia Carens collided with the Duke’s Land Rover Freelander on the A149 on Thursday. Both police and palace have emphasised that the investigation will be conducted in the same way as any other traffic accident, despite one of the involved parties being married to the Queen. That process would see him interviewed in the coming days, before police officers recommend whether to proceed with charging anyone involved. The scene of the crash, on the A149 at Sandringham The Duke has already passed an eye test as part of the investigation, celebrating by defiantly driving himself around the public roads near to Sandringham alone less than 48 hours after the accident. He was caught on camera driving in dark glasses without wearing a seatbelt, in a gesture that has been criticised by onlookers. A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: “We are aware of the photograph. “Suitable words of advice have been given to the driver and this is in line with our standard response when being made aware of or receiving such images showing this type of offence.” The law states that drivers can be fined up to £500 if caught without a seatbelt. The Duke of Edinburgh drives the Queen and Barack and Michelle Obama during their visit to Windsor Credit: Geoff Pugh If the Duke was found to be at fault for the Sandringham accident, he could be charged with driving without due care and attention, which carries a maximum penalty of nine points on a driving record and a £5,000 fine. It is thought unlikely that a prosecution would come to court. A police source said yesterday that non-royal drivers involved in a similar collision would more likely be offered a drivers’ awareness course, with improving their motoring skills considered more in the public interest than a court case. The Duke reportedly said "I'm such a fool" after being pulled from his wrecked Land Rover Freelander on Thursday after it flipped on its side following the collision with a Kia close to Sandringham. Witnesses claim he had told police at the scene he had been “dazzled” by the low sun at 2.45pm. A spokesman for Norfolk Police said: “As is standard procedure with injury collisions, the incident will be investigated and any appropriate action taken.”

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6 Ways Logan Paul Could Have Actually Raised Suicide Awareness

6 Ways Logan Paul Could Have Actually Raised Suicide AwarenessYouTube star Logan Paul shared a horrific video featuring an apparent suicide victim earlier this week, sparking a major dialogue about the proper way to bring awareness to mental health issues.

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Facts of Life Star Mindy Cohn Poses Topless with Friends for Breast Cancer Awareness

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This article originally appeared on People.com.

It’s a striking photo.

Mindy Cohn and four friends stand topless in a pool, their hands covering their breasts. It’s a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month — and also an acknowledgement that Cohn herself waged a five-year battle against the disease.

The women — Madeline Hayes, Lulu Johnson (Betsey Johnson’s daughter), Neda Soderqvist and Lynn De Logi — come from different walks of life but were part of Cohn’s “gaggle of girls” who were always present during Cohn’s health crisis.

For Cohn, 51, the picture is a reminder of her blessings in life. “I have so many friends who supported me during the siege,” she tells PEOPLE. “They’re people who I consider my family by choice. They were always there for me.”

Cohn is sure to acknowledge that her parents were also there for her. “They’re still alive and kicking, and I love them so much,” she says. “They’d do anything for me, and I’m just so fortunate to have them. And then I also have other people who were with me when I needed them.”

Lately, she has started working with her friend and celebrity trainer Neda Soderqvist, who developed JAM — short for Juicy Athletic Moves — a fitness program that incorporates dance, pilates and strength training. (We’ve got to say, Cohn has moves. See the above video.)

Cohn previously told PEOPLE about recovering at the Sharon Springs, New York, home of her friends Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr. Brent Ridge, lifestyle gurus, best known for their reality show The Fabulous Beekman Boys. 

“I’m not married,” she acknowledges, “I don’t have a husband — and for the record, I’d be happy to find a husband — but I’m not alone. I’ve got so many people who I love to spend time with. I can be strong for them, and I can ask them for help when I need it. I am almost overwhelmed with how many people I’ve got in my life.”

So who are the friends who stand out as being supportive?

“Oh my God, there are so many to list,” she says. “Obviously, Helen Hunt was there for me — I texted her when I couldn’t take another step. Definitely Kim [Fields], who is my soul sister. Lauren Sill, Michael Patrick King, Jenny Bicks. So many people stepped up for me.”

For Cohn, having the cancer made it clear that she has friends in her life for the long haul. “Having cancer was horrible, and I lived in a lot of sadness for a lot of the time,” she says. “But the people in my life helped me through it, and I’ll always be grateful.”

For more about Cohn’s battle, pick up the latest copy of PEOPLE, on stands now.

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