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President Trump Told Mueller He Was Just Joking When He Asked Russia to Hack Hillary Clinton

President Trump Told Mueller He Was Just Joking When He Asked Russia to Hack Hillary ClintonPresident Donald Trump told Robert Mueller that when he publicly asked Russia to hack Clinton it was "in jest and sarcastically."

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Ethiopian jet asked permission to climb then vanished: source

Ethiopian jet asked permission to climb then vanished: sourceEthiopian Airlines flight 302, which crashed killing 157 people, had an unusually high speed after take-off before the plane reported problems and asked permission to climb quickly, said a source who has listened to the air traffic control recording. A voice from the cockpit of the Boeing 737 MAX asked to climb to 14,000 feet above sea level – 6,400 feet above the airport – but vanished from radar at 10,800 feet after starting a right turn home due to what the pilot described as a flight control problem, the source said on condition of anonymity because the recording is part of an ongoing investigation. Shortly before the maneuver, the air traffic controller had been in communication with other aircraft when the voice from Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 interrupted, saying “break, break” – signaling that other non-urgent communications should cease.

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Goldman Asked to Defend Role in 1MDB Deals by Malaysia Regulator

Goldman Asked to Defend Role in 1MDB Deals by Malaysia RegulatorThe Securities Commission sent a show-cause letter to the bank in December, asking Goldman to explain why such action shouldn’t be taken against the bank, the regulator said in a Friday statement. The commission has the power to impose administrative sanctions and undertake civil enforcement proceedings as well as criminal prosecutions, the statement added. A spokesman for Goldman Sachs declined to comment.

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Trump says ex-lawyer Cohen asked him for a pardon, but he declined

Trump says ex-lawyer Cohen asked him for a pardon, but he declinedU.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday his former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, who has since turned against him and pleaded guilty to multiple crimes, had asked him directly for a pardon but was rejected. “Bad lawyer and fraudster Michael Cohen said under sworn testimony that he never asked for a Pardon. “Additionally, he directly asked me for a pardon.

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Asked about Ilhan Omar, Democrats Turn Focus to GOP

Asked about Ilhan Omar, Democrats Turn Focus to GOPHouse Democrats appear to have scuttled plans to pass a resolution this week condemning anti-Semitism after members rebelled at a caucus meeting on Wednesday.The measure, which was being considered following freshman Democrat Ilhan Omar’s comments about pro-Israel Americans having an “allegiance to a foreign country,” initially “targeted only anti-Semitism, with some Democrats pushing for a direct rebuke of Omar, but by Tuesday night — facing backlash from members not on board with the plan — leaders decided to expand it to include anti-Muslim bias,” the Washington Post’s Mike DeBonis and Rachel Bade reported. But on Wednesday, Democratic leaders said it was unclear that any resolution would come to the floor this week after many members of their caucus said that it was unfair to single out Omar or specifically condemn anti-Semitism without condemning many other forms of bigotry — and the Republican party too.“I think my real concern here is that there’s a disturbing pattern of these remarks coming from the Republican party. It’s not treated the same way,” congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez told National Review Wednesday afternoon when asked if the House should vote on a resolution condemning anti-Semitism in the wake of Representative Omar’s remarks.“I think there ought to be a resolution that ought to be condemning all the -isms,” Democratic congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri told National Review. “Just think about it, we’ve had people calling people names probably more over the last two years than over the last 20. If we’re going to start condemning, let’s condemn sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, everything.”But Republican leaders stripped Iowa GOP congressman Steve King of his committee assignments, and the whole House passed a resolution specifically naming King and condemning white nationalism just two months ago. “Whereas, on January 10, 2019, Representative Steve King was quoted as asking, 'White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization—how did that language become offensive?’” the resolution began.So what’s the difference between Omar and King? When I posed that question to Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday afternoon, she replied: “How many years was Steve King — ,” cutting off her remark mid-sentence as she entered an elevator. Asked if she cared to finish the thought, the New York Democrat declined. King has had a history of making degrading remarks about illegal immigrants, and those remarks became increasingly worse over the years. In November, King referred to immigrants “dirt” at a campaign event, as Adam Rubenstein reported.Omar’s comment isn’t her first offense, either. But Democratic leaders reject the comparison to King.“I don’t make an analogy between Steve King and Congresswoman Omar,” House Democratic majority leader Steny Hoyer told reporters Wednesday. “I don’t think she’s anti-Semitic.”Cleaver, the Missouri Democrat, said he didn’t “have enough time” to mention all the bigoted comments by President Trump but focused on the president’s “remarks in Charlottesville, when he denied knowing who David Duke was and what David Duke stood for . . . when he picked several African-Americans to question their intellect. Maxine Waters was one. Frederica Wilson was the second.”“I don’t think she made a statement of hate. I think she was saying, the last thing was something about lobbying,” Cleaver said of Omar. “I don’t think she started saying, you know, Jews — ahhhh — any of that stuff.”Asked if an accusation of dual loyalty was anti-Semitic, Cleaver said: “It may or may not be. I haven’t thought deeply about it.”“The problem isn’t that [Omar] criticized Israeli policies. The problem is that she has repeatedly used age-old anti-Semitic tropes that have marginalized & persecuted Jews for centuries, before Israel even existed,” Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League wrote on Twitter on Wednesday. “When prominent people use anti-Semitic rhetoric, it greenlights more of it. That's why we've called out elected officials in both parties when they spew hate. Congress must send a clear, unambiguous message: there is no place for anti-Semitism in the US.”

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Prince Philip crash: passenger who broke wrist claims police haven't asked her for statement four days on

Prince Philip crash: passenger who broke wrist claims police haven't asked her for statement four days onA woman who broke her wrist in a car crash with the Duke of Edinburgh has criticised police for their treatment of her, claiming she has still not been asked for a statement four days on. Emma Fairweather, 46, was a passenger in a Kia Carens which collided with the Duke's Land Rover on Thursday, and has said she is "very upset" by the treatment she has received from police and Buckingham Palace.  Claiming she has not even been asked to give a statement detailing what happened, she said she believed she was being treated differently to the Duke, who has since been photographed out driving again. Ms Fairweather has received a message of support from the Queen, delivered by a lady-in-waiting via a telephone message while she was away from home, but said of the approach of police and palace: "The support that I was offered initially hasn’t really been the reality for me. "I’ve had no opportunity to discuss this in any formal capacity. "I need somebody to understand that I still have medical concerns. I’m very worried that I haven’t been asked for a statement from the police. The scene of the crash, near Sandringham "When I contacted the Family Liaison Officer to say I have a number of questions, he hasn’t been prepared to listen to those." She added: "“There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life or not, and we either receive the same treatment or we don’t. "I haven’t had a full medical check over yet, I just feel that his treatment or his experience hasn’t been the same as mine.” A Norfolk Police spokesman said: “In any collision investigation our priority is to ensure medical welfare is addressed in the first instance before taking any statement. "We can confirm arrangements were made on Friday (18 January) to take a statement from the passenger involved in the collision. This will take place tomorrow (22 January). “Further contact was attempted on a number of occasions over the weekend but unfortunately these were not successful. “Family liaison officers are not normally deployed for collisions of this nature. However, recognising the level of public interest in this case we felt it appropriate to provide additional support. “All family liaison officers give advice around handling media attention, and as part of this, it is made clear that it is a decision for the individual whether or not to speak to journalists.” Ms Fairweather was interviewed on ITV's This Morning, following several interviews with the Daily and Sunday Mirror newspapers.  Her friend, the 28-year-old driver of the car Ellie Townsend, has chosen not to speak publicly, understood to be shaken by the experience after fearing for her nine-month-old baby son in the back of the car. Ms Fairweather claimed she has asked for car insurance details from Mrs Townsend "a number of times" in the aftermath of the crash, telling This Morning: "Finally yesterday afternoon I received a very formal email from her husband to share those details with me." The Duke of Edinburgh driving in September 2018 Credit: Peter Jolly Asked what she hoped for from officials, she said: "I think an acknowledgement, not so much any admission of responsibility, but that somebody who would like to talk to me about how difficult this is going to be for me. "I’ve had no support. The only support I’ve had is my very immediate family. "Neither party [the Duke or the second driver] have been forthcoming with very much information." Asked about whether she had spoken to the Duke immediately after the crash, she said: "Somebody said he did try to but he was advised not to. "[But] I don’t think asking if you’re OK is accepting liability." The Duke was photographed on Saturday driving a replacement Land Rover near to the Sandringham Estate, without wearing a seatbelt.  Ms Fairweather said she had been "very upset" after seeing the pictures, adding: "Of course accidents happen, but there needs to be a period of reflection on what could be done differently to prevent the same thing happening again. "It was highly insensitive and inconsiderate to me." The Queen attends church at Sandringham on Sunday Credit: Mark Cuthbert Mary Morrison, the Queen’s lady-in-waiting, had telephoned Ms Fairweather prior to the interview, saying in a message: “Hello, I’m ringing from Sandringham House. "The Queen has asked me to telephone you to pass on her warmest good wishes following the ­accident and she is very eager to know how you are and hope that everything is going as well as can be expected.  “We’re all thinking of you very much at Sandringham and I’ll try you at a later date. Unfortunately I’ve got to go out quite shortly but I hope all is well as can be expected for you. Thank you very much indeed. Goodbye.” A senior Palace aide has also spoken directly to the driver.

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White House asked for options to strike Iran: WSJ

White House asked for options to strike Iran: WSJThe White House’s national security team last fall asked the Pentagon to provide it with options for striking Iran after a group of militants aligned with Tehran fired mortars into an area in Baghdad that is home to the U.S. Embassy, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday. The request by the National Security Council, which is led by John Bolton, sparked deep concern among Pentagon and State Department officials, the newspaper reported, citing current and former U.S. officials.

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Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs Didn't Know Where She Was When She Asked for Help, Neighbor Says

Missing Wisconsin Girl Jayme Closs Didn't Know Where She Was When She Asked for Help, Neighbor SaysThe neighbor who found missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs described how the girl seemed in shock and didn't know where she was.

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked if Trump is a racist. Her answer: 'Yeah, no question.'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked if Trump is a racist. Her answer: 'Yeah, no question.'Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn't afraid to speak her mind, even when it comes to sharing her thoughts on the president.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS's 60 Minutes, which aired Sunday, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confidently answered that she believes Donald Trump is a racist.

"I think he's a symptom of a problem," Ocasio-Cortez told Cooper. "The president certainly didn't invent racism but he's certainly given a voice to it, and expanded it, and created a platform for those things."

> .@AOC says the president is a racist, "no question." The White House told 60 Minutes that President Trump "has repeatedly condemned racism and bigotry in all forms." t.co/HmucF1z6zg pic.twitter.com/N5RlRfHoA9
> — 60 Minutes (@60Minutes) January 7, 2019

When asked directly by Cooper if she believes Trump's a racist, Ocasio-Cortez shook her head and said, "Yeah, yeah, no question."

"When you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dog whistles of white supremacy," the new member of Congress continued, "when you look at how he reacted to the Charlottesville incident where neo-Nazis murdered a woman versus how he manages crises like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders, it's, it's night and day." 

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Since coming into the political spotlight Ocasio-Cortez has been fiercely criticized by members of the GOP on more than one occasion, but she has never shied away from standing up for her beliefs. Just this past week, she brilliantly took on right-wing critics who were upset by her Breakfast Club dance video.

While Ocasio-Cortez is just getting settled in Congress, she's certainly not wasting any time getting down to business.

## WATCH: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes history as she becomes the youngest woman ever in Congress

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'Why did you undergo the DNA test?': Elizabeth Warren asked about ancestry in first question at Iowa event

'Why did you undergo the DNA test?': Elizabeth Warren asked about ancestry in first question at Iowa eventElizabeth Warren is making her first campaign tour around Iowa but was quickly forced to address an issue that's likely to hurt her in the race for the White House.

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