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Take advantage of HIV Testing Day on Friday

The number of new cases of HIV in the U.S. has remained stable over the years, at about 50,000 new infections a year. But the availability of better treatment for HIV has increased the survival of those with the infection and, as a result, the total cases of HIV have increased over the years.
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Brazil takes advantage of World Cup crowds to test for HIV

A child flies a kite with a red ribbon during a World AIDS Day event in BeijingBy Asher Levine SAO PAULO (Reuters) – Brazilian health officials handed out condoms to World Cup fans in Sao Paulo on Friday and took advantage of festivities in the city to test people for HIV. "We can't miss an opportunity like this," said Ivone De Paula, Sao Paulo state's coordinator for sexually transmitted disease prevention. People say 'Hey I'm going to watch the game, I'm having fun, why not get tested too?'" The program, part of the UNAIDS "Protect the Goal" HIV/AIDS prevention program, provides rapid HIV testing and counseling, as well as free condoms and emergency retroviral drugs. It is also being offered in 11 other cities across Sao Paulo state where visiting World Cup teams are based.

Sexual Health News Headlines – Yahoo! News