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Taliban says co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar has arrived in Afghanistan

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Who is Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban commander set to rule Afghanistan?

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This New Breast Cancer Music Video Is Everything You'd Expect From Paula Abdul

You can say a lot of things about Paula Abdul. She’s lived a lot of lives in the spotlight: first a Lakers cheerleader, then a sought-after choreographer, singer, American Idol judge, and reality star. You name it—Paula has done it, with varying degrees of success. It’s been a long while since her smash “Straight Up” but now, she’s finally back: as the star of a surprisingly catchy, sorta-cringeworthy, but also super sweet music video to promote breast self exams.

In “Check Yourself,” made as part of the Avon Foundation for Women‘s annual celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Abdul’s message is simple: “Be strong, live beautiful,” she intones, like the early 90′s pop superstar we all know she can be. Then, she gets to the meat of the issue: breast cancer is so complicated, but lucky for us, she’s “got some answers.”

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“First, find out the risk in your family. And do you have kids? Meds, and things you’ve been exposed to also could be factors.”

But ultimately, to “Be strong, live beautiful,” she’s “calling everybody to protect yourself, just check yourself!” And that’s a message we can get behind. She later sings about clinical exams and mammograms and even correctly points out the ages at which you should get one. If we’re being honest, it’s actually amazing how much fun this is. And it’s so sweet of her to not only donate her time to write the song and choreograph the moves, but also to feature her sister Wendy, who’s a breast cancer survivor.

That said, I think my favorite part is when she sprouts about 23 arms, as if to officially name herself Hindu Goddess of Breast Exams. See it for yourself.

And when you’re done, check out the latest on the foods and habits that can slash your breast cancer risk now, plus some surprising myths and facts about the disease.

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