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1,700 firefighters battle Portugal wildfires

1,700 firefighters battle Portugal wildfiresPlanes and helicopters joined nearly 2,000 firefighters in central Portugal Sunday to battle huge wildfires in a mountainous region where more than 100 people died in huge blazes in 2017. Some 1,700 firefighters and 400 vehicles were deployed in one of the biggest mobilisations ever seen in the area to fight the blazes in the heavily forested Castelo Branco region, 200 kilometres (120 miles) north of Lisbon, the rescue services said. Around 20 people have been injured in the blaze, including eight firefighters and 12 civilians, according to the interior ministry.

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Stolen dog missing for three years found 1,700 miles away

Stolen dog missing for three years found 1,700 miles awayA missing dog has finally been returned to its rightful owner, three years after it was stolen and taken 1,700 miles away. Staffordshire Terrier Ladybird was taken from a resident at a Texas living facility by a homeless man after she passed away. The woman had already asked her friend, Sharon Henderson, to look after Ladybird in the event of her death. She told Fox 7 Austin: “The neighbour in the living facility called this other homeless guy and he came and took Ladybird in the middle of the night knowing that her wishes were that he now have her.” The man hitchhiked with the dog all the way to Portland, Oregon, with Ms Henderson adding that the “whole trip must have been horrendous for her”. Three years later, a malnourished Ladybird was found wandering the streets alone following the death of the man who took her. The canine was in a terrible condition, with Ms Henderson explaining: “She hadn't eaten in so long, so had no jaw muscles, her head muscles had atrophied and she couldn't even chew. Her ribs were sticking out and she couldn't even go up two stairs with falling backwards.” Ladybird was eventually reunited with her rightful owner thanks to the address stored on her microchip. “I want her to enjoy the rest of her life in the lap of luxury she’s never known and have a family,” her owner said. Smiling dog faces losing new home after adoption selfie alerts police

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Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years ago

Peru reconstructs face of woman who ruled 1,700 years agoIntroducing the Lady of Cao: using high-tech 3-D printing and based on the skull of an ancient mummy, scientists have reconstructed the face of a woman who governed in northern Peru 1,700 years ago. The woman’s mummified remains were discovered at the Cao Viejo adobe pyramid in 2006 in the Chicama Valley, just north of the modern city of Trujillo. “Technology allows us to see the face of a political, religious and cultural leader of the past,” Culture Minister Salvador del Solar said when he unveiled a life-like bust of the woman on Tuesday in Lima.

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