Surgery may not stop locker-room taunts about penis appearance

By Madeline Kennedy (Reuters Health) – Surgery to change penis appearance may not do much to stop locker-room teasing in high school, a new study suggests. The urologists who conducted the study say parents who bring their young sons to be circumcised – or to get rid of some leftover foreskin after a circumcision – often say they’re worried that their child may be teased later in life because of the appearance of his penis. “We were looking to find out if the parents’ concerns about teasing in the locker room were valid,” said Dr. Chris Cooper, the study’s senior author from the University of Iowa. As reported this month in The Journal of Urology, the researchers surveyed 290 undergraduate men at the University of Iowa about their high school gym classes and sports and any teasing they witnessed or experienced in the locker rooms.
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