South Korea Fires 360 Warning Shots, 10 Flares At Russian Bombers

South Korea Fires 360 Warning Shots, 10 Flares At Russian BombersSouth Korea, Japan, Russia and China were involved in an aerial confrontation Tuesday, as Russia allegedly violated South Korean airspace.South Korea says its F-15 and KF-16 jets fired 360 warning shots and deployed 10 flares against a Russian A-50 command aircraft Tuesday after the Russian warplane allegedly violated South Korean airspace. Two Russian Tu-95 bombers and two Chinese H-6 bombers accompanied the A-50.The airspace violated is above two small contested islands Japan and South Korea both claim. Because of this, Japan also scrambled jets in response to the alleged violation, CNN reported.South Korean aircraft “conduced unprofessional maneuvers by crossing the course of Russian strategic missile carriers, threatening their security,” said the Russian Ministry of Defense, according to CNN. The ministry didn’t mention the A-50 command aircraft or the warning shots that South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff reported to have occurred.Russia also said, according to CNN, the flight was “carried out in order to deepen and develop Russian-Chinese relations” and was “not aimed against third countries.”

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