Shadowed by Bush, Obama seeks Africa legacy makeover

U.S. President Barack Obama talks at the U.S.-Africa Business Forum about strengthening trade and financial ties between the U.S. and Africa while in WashingtonBy Jeff Mason and Lesley Wroughton WASHINGTON (Reuters) – When President Barack Obama made his first extended trip to Africa last year as the world's most powerful leader, he tried to assuage a continent largely disappointed in its famous favorite son. The first African-American president, Obama had given scant focus to his father's ancestral home, drawing unflattering comparisons with George W. Bush, whose efforts to fight HIV/AIDS made him a hero on the continent. Now more than a year later, with the vast majority of Africa's leaders attending a summit in Washington at Obama's invitation, the U.S. president still faces a challenge matching the Africa legacy of his White House predecessor. During the eight years of Bush's presidency, aid for development of sub-Saharan Africa quadrupled to $ 6.7 billion, according to J. Peter Pham, the Atlantic Council Africa Center director.

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