Scoreboard proposal at Fenway Park goes painfully wrong

Scoreboard proposal at Fenway Park goes painfully wrongScoreboard proposals are a pretty risky move…and they don't always pay off. One Red Sox fan learned that lesson the hard way on Sunday. He popped the big question on the scoreboard at Fenway Park, but he didn't exactly get the response he was hoping for.  Of course his humiliation, like his proposal, was exceedingly public. People at the game took to Twitter immediately to talk about the awkwardness. The scoreboard proposal at Fenway may have just gone awry. There was no hug, the camera cut away and the crowd groaned. — Pete Abraham (@PeteAbe) May 1, 2017 Holy hell somebody just proposed to their girlfriend at Fenway and I think they said no. — Ty Anderson (@_TyAnderson) May 1, 2017 A video board proposal just happened at Fenway…and she said no… — Corey Thiele (@coreythiele) May 1, 2017 Someone even managed to capture a video of the moments following the proposal, in which she says the couple in question are fighting. Ouch.  This guy just proposed at Fenway on camera. She said no. Now they are arguing. That poor camera man — Kim (@kimba7391) May 1, 2017 Of course we don't know for sure that she didn't eventually say yes, but either way she was well within her rights to not be thrilled with this over-the-top gesture. And for some, the non-storybook ending was a welcome change from the usually sappy moments. Finally. Someone said no to a proposal on the Jumbotron at fenway. Love it. #StopProposingAtSportingEvents — Tom Giles (@TomGilesCSN) May 1, 2017 It's impossible to know the exact circumstances that led to this mess, but it sure seems like this dude should have made extra sure his girlfriend was on the same page re: lifelong commitment
before popping the question in a stadium full of people.  WATCH: The best plot points in movie history

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