People are desperate for air conditioning as San Francisco deals with record heat

People are desperate for air conditioning as San Francisco deals with record heatIt's really hot in San Francisco right now. Like, really,
really hot.  Temperatures in the Bay Area reached 106 degrees Farenheit on Friday. That's 106 degrees in foggy, chilly northern California, where late-summer temperatures are usually in the high 60s. The 106-degree day broke a record for all-time hottest temperature in San Francisco in recorded history, or at least 143 years.  A second consecutive day of extreme heat forecast for Saturday across the #BayArea and Central Coast. Take action to stay cool. #CAwx — NWS Bay Area (@NWSBayArea) September 2, 2017 NEW RECORDS SET FOR THE DAY, MONTH AND ALL TIME!#CAheatwave — NWS Bay Area (@NWSBayArea) September 2, 2017 Astonishingly hot along immediate coast in #SanFrancisco today. The current temperature exceeds the previous all-time maximum by 3F!!! #CAwx — Daniel Swain (@Weather_West) September 1, 2017 The city isn't exactly prepared for record-breaking heat. Most places—homes and public spaces alike—don't have air conditioning. Residents were warned of a heat advisory and are doing their best to stay cool.  It's almost midnight. It's 85 degrees in our house. No one has AC in SF, so every window is open. This sucks. — Sharky Laguana (@Sharkyl) September 2, 2017 Hanging out in the only place in SF with AC… the car. #sfheatwave — Bethany (@b_sap04) September 2, 2017 Currently dying because it supposedly hit 106 degrees today in SF and there is no such thing as AC here :-) — Priscilla (@Literateaa) September 2, 2017 The weather in sf feels like a personal attack, no one has ac we're not prepared for this — AnaNicoleMurray (@AnaNicoleMurray) September 2, 2017 SF is great until it's 99 degrees and no one has AC —  (@TheKombuchaKid) September 1, 2017 San Francisco friends without air conditioning don't read this…….Friends with AC hello! Long time…let's hang out — freia lobo (@freialobo) September 1, 2017 When I lived in SF people thought I was nuts to have an AC. — Noah McCormack (@noahmccormack) September 1, 2017 RIP San Francisco. We had a good run. — Karl the Fog ☁️ (@KarlTheFog) September 1, 2017 First time I blast AC in my car at 5am in foggy San Francisco #heatwave — Charlie Blue (@charlie_thegirl) September 2, 2017 Never complain about me again — Karl the Fog ☁️ (@KarlTheFog) September 1, 2017 Stay safe out there, everyone. San Francisco, maybe it's time for backup air conditioning.  WATCH: Where does the distrust in 'big food' stem from?

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