Over-excited little girl steals the Pope's hat off his head

Over-excited little girl steals the Pope's hat off his headLittle kids have 10 times the energy most adults have. Put them in contact with a famous person, and anything can happen.  MountainButorac, a Catholic blogger, recently took his goddaughter to see Pope Francis II in Rome. And the lucky little one didn't just get to see him, she got close enough to receive a kiss from the head of the Catholic Church. But she wanted so much more than that. Overwhelmed by energy, she reached out, desperate to discharge it somewhere, and pulled the Pope's hat off his head. SEE ALSO: Little kid aims his pro stink eye at a chip thief The Pope's hat is technically called a
zucchetto.  And he actually seemed to enjoy the moment, or at least have enough social skills to feign enthusiasm.  Watch the full interaction and rejoice! The internet has risen!   We're sure Pope Francis forgave her for the transgression.  WATCH: Robotic glove lets people with limited hand mobility perform daily tasks

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