Mississippi plane crash: 16 killed as US military aircraft comes down in field

Mississippi plane crash: 16 killed as US military aircraft comes down in fieldAt least 16 people have been killed after a US military plane crashed in rural Mississippi. The KC-130 Hercules transport aircraft erupted in a fireball as it suffered what the US Marine Corps described as a "mishap" on Monday evening. The plane came down in a soybean field, with pictures showing the crumpled wreckage engulfed in flames as a large plume of smoke billowed into the sky. The plane wreckage engulfed in flames following the crash that killed everyone on board Credit: WLBT 3 The circumstances of the crash, in northern Mississippi's LeFlore County, about 100 miles north of Jackson, the state capital, remain unclear. Captain Sarah Burns, a spokeswoman for the Marine Corps, said the aircraft had "experienced a mishap". Smoke billows into the sky after the KC-130 Hercules transport aircraft crashed Credit: Elijah Baylis/The Clarion-Ledger Fred Randle, LeFlore County director of emergency management, confirmed that at least 16 people had died. They had all been on board the military aircraft that crashed in an agricultural field at about 4pm local time (10pm BST). There were no survivors. There were no survivors on the KC-130 Hercules transport aircraft Credit: Jimmy Taylor/AP Firefighters had sprayed the aircraft with huge layers of foam to stop the spread of the fire. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the flight had taken off from Cherry Point, North Carolina, where a Marine Corps air base is located. Emergency officials near the site of the military plane crash  Credit: Elijah Baylis/The Clarion-Ledger/AP Writing on Facebook, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant urged people to pray "for those hurting after this tragedy" "Our men and women in uniform risk themselves every day to secure our freedom," he added. Aftermath of the plane crash in soybean field in Mississippi Credit: Elijah Baylis/The Clarion-Ledger/AP FBI spokesman Brett Carr told the New York Times that the agency was sending officials to the scene, but authorities did not believe foul play was involved. "We’re just trying to offer any type of assistance," Carr, a spokesman for the bureau’s Jackson, Mississippi office, told the newspaper. "It could be anything from manpower to evidence response." The KC-130 Hercules is used for air-to-air refueling Credit: US MARINES/Reuters The KC-130 aircraft is used for air-to-air refueling, to carry cargo and perform tactical passenger missions. The plane is operated by three crew members and can carry 92 ground troops or 64 paratroopers, according to a description on the US Navy website. US marine corps plane crash

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