Men’s bedroom woes linked to a surprising hormone: study

Men's bedroom woes linked to a surprising hormone: studyWhile the hormone prolactin is normally associated with stimulating breast milk production in women, a new study finds that it's also a major culprit in sexual problems in men. Researchers examined nearly 3,000 European men ages 40 to 79, taking tabs on their testosterone and prolactin levels, body mass indexes, and blood cholesterol and sugar levels, LiveScience reports. Men with low prolactin had more issues with sexual health, as well as psychological health, while men with lower than average levels of prolactin, although still within the normal range, reported that their sexual issues were getting worse, including their ability to orgasm. Low prolactin was also linked with other health issues, such as a high body mass index and lower levels of exercise, as well as just generally feeling unhealthier.

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