Malaysia's Anwar wins by-election, steps closer to premiership

Malaysia's Anwar wins by-election, steps closer to premiershipMalaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim won a by-election engineered for his return to parliament by an overwhelming majority on Saturday, bringing him closer to the premiership that has been promised to him by former foe, Mahathir Mohamad. The victory marks Anwar’s official return to political life just five months after he was freed from jail, and will also be the first time that both he and Mahathir are members of parliament under the same banner after a bitter feud lasting over 20 years. Anwar, who has been the face of Malaysia’s Reformasi or Reform movement over the past twenty years, won the seat by a majority of over 23,500 votes despite a low voter turnout on polling day in the coastal parliamentary seat of Port Dickson.

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