Louisiana Obamacare insurer unmoved by legal challenge on its AIDS policy

A stand-off between Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and the federal government over healthcare coverage for people with HIV-AIDS escalated on Monday, as a gay-rights group filed a legal complaint against the insurer, which reiterated a policy at odds with federal regulations. Lambda Legal, a non-profit that works for the civil rights of gay people and others, filed an administrative complaint against Louisiana Blue, saying the company’s stance “violates critical non-discrimination provisions of the Affordable Care Act” or ACA, President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform law. Reuters reported on Saturday that hundreds of people with HIV/AIDS in Louisiana who purchased health insurance under the ACA are at risk of being thrown out of the plans they selected. The customers had paid their premiums with funds from a federal program that, for 23 years, has subsidized insurance for people with HIV-AIDS, but Louisiana Blue Cross said it would not accept those checks because any third-party payments opened the door to fraud.
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