John Bolton's lawyers are reportedly arranging an impeachment deposition

John Bolton's lawyers are reportedly arranging an impeachment depositionJohn Bolton's tell-all might not come in print.Ever since he was either fired by President Trump or resigned last month, the former national security adviser has been expected to spill some presumably anti-Trump beans about his time in office. Now, he's reportedly looking to do so with the worst possible consequences for Trump: His lawyers are in talks with the House to arrange a deposition in the impeachment inquiry, multiple news sources report.The New York Times first reported, via two people briefed on the matter, that impeachment investigators have been talking with Bolton to plan "a date for him to be deposed behind closed doors." There's also a chance Bolton would be up for a live, on-camera impeachment interview, seeing as his former aide Fiona Hill reportedly testified that she and Bolton were "alarmed" by Trump's pressuring of Ukraine. Former U.S. diplomat to Ukraine Bill Taylor told Congress the same thing about Bolton, per CNN. CNN and NBC News also learned that Bolton's lawyer has been talking with the House about an impeachment testimony.Bolton had seemingly been on bad terms with Trump in the months before his firing/resignation. He's reportedly working on a book that'll detail a tumultuous time in the White House, but these reported impeachment talks could signal he's ready for his criticism to have real consequences.

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