Isil convoy that was blocked by US air strikes attempts different route

Isil convoy that was blocked by US air strikes attempts different routeAn Isil convoy that was blocked by US air strikes on Wednesday attempted a different route to reach territory held by the jihadist group in eastern Syria, despite the coalition warning it would likely strike again. More than 300 lightly armed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) fighters and about 300 family members are being evacuated from Syria's western border with Lebanon under a ceasefire agreement involving the jihadist group, the Syrian army and the Lebanese Shia militia Hizbollah. The truce has been criticised by the coalition and by Iraq, whose army is fighting Isil in areas next to the eastern Syria region to which the convoy was headed. Buses carrying Isil jihadis and their families driving east from Syria's border with Lebanon Credit:  LOUAI BESHARA/AFP US Army Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the commander of US-led forces fighting Isil, said they had observed the convoy travelling again towards their destination late on Thursday, before appearing to turn back. He did not offer an explanation as to why. The Syrian army escorted the convoy part of the way Credit:  LOUAI BESHARA/ AFP "When I walked into this conference about an hour ago, the buses were on the move. They had turned and had driven back into regime-held areas," he told reporters via a video teleconference from Baghdad. "We haven't struck the convoy. But we have struck every ISIS fighter and/or vehicle that has tried to approach that convoy. And we'll continue to do that," he said. Iraq victory over Isil in Mosul, in pictures “We will not allow it to link up with Isil in the Euphrates River Valley,” a source in the coalition told the Telegraph earlier on Thursday.   Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbollah's leader, said in a televised address that the US had warned the Lebanese government that if they let the deal go ahead they faced losing US financial support. FAQ | Islamic State  

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