Inmates escape prison after tricking guard with genius peanut butter plot

Inmates escape prison after tricking guard with genius peanut butter plotA dozen inmates who escaped from an Alabama prison by tricking an inexperienced guard with a genius peanut butter plot have been recaptured. The cunning crooks used the peanut spread from jail sandwiches to change the number on their cell door to match the number of an outside door. Inmate Brady Kilpatrick Credit: Walker County Sheriff's Office They then persuaded a new member of staff monitoring inmates on CCTV to open up the door, that was actually a prison exit, on July 30. Sheriff James Underwood said “that door number was the outside door. Unbeknowingly to him, he hit that door and out the door they went”. The runaway inmates then used a blanket to climb over a razor wire perimeter fence and make their escape. Police captured 11 of the inmates within eight hours of the incredible escape, while the last escapee, Brady Kilpatrick, was rearrested two days later in Florida. CAPTURED! Last of 12 fugitives who escaped from an Alabama Prison Sunday captured in Martin County tonight.— MartinCountySheriff (@MartinFLSheriff) August 2, 2017 “The inmates took advantage of a new guard by using peanut butter to conceal an exit door number,” Walker County Alabama Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “When the inmates called for the guard to open the door and let them in a call, the guard inadvertently opened the exit door.” Sheriff Underwood added: “We got some evil people down here. They scheme all the time to con us and our employees here at the jail. “You have to stay on you toes. This is one time we slipped up. I’m not going to make any excuses. It was a human error that caused this to happen.” He concluded that changing numbers on doors with peanut butter "may sound crazy, but these people are crazy like a fox".  Prisoners break free to save guard having heart attack

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