Incredible moment reporter helps rescue man caught in Harvey floods, live on TV

Incredible moment reporter helps rescue man caught in Harvey floods, live on TVThe saying "not all superheroes wear capes" feels trite at the best of times. But in this case, it's rather appropriate.  SEE ALSO: Apple is accepting donations through iTunes to aid Harvey storm relief A local TV reporter covering the flooding in Houston, Texas (as a result of Hurricane Harvey) came to the aid of a truck driver who was stranded in 10 feet of water.  Reporter Brandi Smith and camera operator Mario Sandoval of KHOU 11 — a CBS-affiliated television station — were literally keeping the station's coverage going as their studios had been evacuated earlier.  As the @KHOU studios are evacuated, reporter @BrandiKHOU and her photog, on the side of a road, providing 100% of the station's coverage. — Janet Shamlian (@JanetShamlian) August 27, 2017 Smith was on air when she spotted a truck surrounded by water. The driver, whose name was  reported as Robert, was stranded inside as water seeped into his vehicle.  What happened next was human survival mode in action, live on TV:  Incredible, watch as @BrandiKHOU flags down a rescue boat on-air, saving this truck driver's life — Hayley Jones (@meetmissjoness) August 27, 2017 Smith noticed a rescue team driving by, flagged them down and brought them to the stranded driver, all the while reporting on events as they transpired. At one point she stopped to clean the lens of her photographer's camera. As the rescue team took their boat towards the trapped driver and hauled him to safety, Smith became emotional.  “Incredible kudos to these two sheriff’s deputies who are risking their lives in this deep water. I’m sure he’s very wet, very cold, very frightened." she said.  “I finally feel like I can breathe," she continued.   He's out! Our signal died, but @HCSOTexas crews got to that semi driver to safety. Full video here: #KHOU11 — Brandi Smith (@BrandiKHOU) August 27, 2017 “I just thank God that you guys were right here to get me and put me back on land safely,” Robert said in a short interview, minutes after the rescue. The interview ended with Smith embracing the man. “This is going to sound weird but can I hug you? I so glad you're ok,” she said.  @BrandiKHOU & I are fine i don't even know how long we were live I used a 96min card + half of my 2nd card. #Harvey #Team #khou11 — Mario Sandoval (@KHOU_MSandoval) August 27, 2017 So there you have it. Proof that not all heroes wear capes, they also wear rain jackets and carry cameras and microphones.   WATCH: This innovative wind turbine can withstand hurricane-force winds

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