How to Buy a Bra That Actually Fits

Lori Kaplan, who owns the intimate-apparel store Bra Tenders in New York City and has fitted celebrities like Brooke Shields and Uma Thurman, shares a few of her tricks for finding the perfect brassiere.

Swoop and scoop

Lean forward and pull your boob tissue into the center of your cups. Now stand up and survey the situation. “If you see gapping, the cups are too big,” Kaplan says, “and if your breasts are bulging out, they’re too small.” The underwire should be in line with your armpits, and the bridge of the bra should sit flat against your chest.

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Do the two-finger test

“The number one mistake I see is women wearing a too-big band size,” Kaplan says. You want the back of your bra band to be parallel to the floor and snug all the way around. “You should be able to easily slip two fingers underneath the band. No more, no less.”

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Yank it up

If you’ve tightened the straps as much as possible but your gals are still drooping, chances are it’s time to replace your bra. “The average life span of a bra is about a year, even if it once fit you like a glove and you took good care of it.”

Pro tip: If the band rides up between your shoulder blades, it’s too big.

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