Horror, bewilderment after bulldog pup dies on United plane

Horror, bewilderment after bulldog pup dies on United planeShock over a puppy’s death on a United Airlines plane has renewed scrutiny over airline handling of pets, after a flight attendant demanded the animal travel in an overhead bin where it apparently suffocated. A string of calamities linked to pets on planes has inflamed a grim public relations nightmare for United, which in the past year has dealt with the death of a valuable giant rabbit, outrage over its refusal to allow an “emotional support” peacock to board, and now the death of a 10-month old French bulldog. While traveling from Houston to New York Monday with two children including an infant, Catalina Robledo was told Kokito, the family’s black pooch with deepset wrinkles and a squished-in nose, would need to travel in the overhead compartment, as its carrier was partially in the aisle.

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