Homosexual blood donor ban may be justified: EU court

A ban on homosexual blood donors was imposed during the 1980s in several countries to stop the spread of HIVThe EU's top court ruled Wednesday that governments can ban homosexual blood donors to combat HIV but only on condition they show it is still the best way to limit health risks. "It must be established whether those persons are at a high risk of acquiring severe infectious diseases, such as HIV, and that there are no effective detection techniques or less onerous methods for ensuring a high level of health protection for recipients," it said. If new testing regimes can ensure that all blood donations are free of infectious diseases, then such a prohibition may not be necessary, said the top court for the 28-nation EU. France barred homosexual blood donors in 1983 as the world scrambled to find a way to halt the spread of HIV/AIDS which has claimed some 39 million victims since then.

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